So Sleep Training Is Going Great.
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So sleep training is going great.

So Sleep Training Is Going Great. - Parenting - 2023

So sleep training is going great 😁 Anyone relate?

Originally posted 2021-02-03 08:35:13.


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  1. None of the “tips” worked for us, I rage unfollowed all the sleep “experts” on Instagram and just nursed to sleep until around 4.5 months when I put her down cause I was just done at that point and bam, baby fell asleep on her own after 20 mins.

    For what it’s worth, I did bedshare for naps and nights for about 2 weeks to get her sleeping after the weeks of following the “advice” which just angered her and made her sleep issues from the regression worse. She wasn’t sleeping enough and I found I couldn’t sleep train until she had gotten enough sleep. Hopefully that made sense haha

  2. My life right now. I was able to wean my first off nursing to sleep (worked while it worked, but then it became a 40+ minute endeavor of multiple attempts to put her down) by switching to rocking. Same thing is now happening with my second, and she will not relent. She makes sucking noises against my arm or shoulder until she gets super angry, then has a hysterical fit that she’s not being nursed. Giving up for the moment, might try again later.

  3. There isn’t anything wrong with nursing to sleep 🙂 For a lot of mom and babies, it’s the easiest way of getting babe to sleep/back to sleep so everyone is getting more rest!

    In my experience, butt pats don’t work with my girl because it’s stimulating and so just gets her more worked up.

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