Give Me A  If You’ve Ever Worried You Couldn’t Make Enough Milk!
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Small Boobs Or Big Boobs – You’ve got this!

Small Boobs Or Big Boobs - You'Ve Got This! - Pregnancy - 2024
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Give me a 🙋🏻‍♀️ if you’ve ever worried you couldn’t make enough milk!
Did you know that breast size does NOT indicate the amount of milk you can make? Like Seriously
So…I did NOT know this when I had my first baby. As someone with smaller boobs I was SO worried that I wouldn’t be able to meet my breastfeeding goals. How could I POSSIBLY make enough milk? I was a stress case.

Turns out, your breast size does NOT define your breastfeeding destiny. Keep this in mind before you decide to not start breastfeeding and/or before you feel like quitting. If you are struggling with breastfeeding, always reach out to a lactation specialist before throwing in the towel.
We are here to support our fellow mamas. Feel CONFIDENT and EMPOWERED with feeding your baby.

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  1. i was worried because i had twins, i was only 17, now 18, and i’ve always been tiny, and i’m feeding two babies instead of one. but it’s been great, they’re 6 and a half months now and just started eating solid foods and they were totally fine on just breast milk for the first 6 months💛

  2. Indeed. I’m an A cup also and could directly breastfeed my 2 children until they’re 3y.o. It’s truly a matter of mindset. And don’t forget not to use bottle as it will make your baby has difficulty in latch on your boobs later on.

  3. This is great educational content. We found this out from experience. Mamas needs to be reminded of this! 💛🌺

  4. There’s plenty of reasons you can’t produce enough milk but cup size is not one. Lol! So many people told me I was gonna make enough milk cause I was so flat chested. (But once you your boobs sweep with milk, they stretch. Which is why I have saggy strath mark covered boobs now. Lol 😂

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