Sleep When The Baby Sleeps&Quot; Sounds Blissful In Theory, But Most Moms Quickly Dis...
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Sleep when the baby sleeps

Sleep When The Baby Sleeps - Parenting - 2023

Sleep when the baby sleeps! 😇

Sounds blissful in theory, but most moms quickly discover that when the baby sleeps, that is the only time that is theirs and most times they don’t want to sleep through that.

What would you add to the list?

Why can’t you sleep when the baby sleeps?

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Originally posted 2021-03-03 13:10:19.


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  1. Same thing here…and I got used to it, then when I found myself feeling sleepy while she used sleep when she was a newborn, I had to do my chores at night. It stayed that way till she became 6 months, then everything came by itself as planned, I can work any time and cook anytime and sleep anytime 😄

  2. Dearest mothers, it’s important to see this from baby’s view. Baby depends on you. Your baby will take from you regardless to your condition (tired, in pain). Sleep I think is the wrong word. I would say REST. That way you may lay down or be comfy on the couch reading or watching tv, only to find you doze off. That is how it should be. I have seen mothers go into deep sleep (snoring) within 15-20 mins of resting. That can be enough so you are ‘refreshed’ for the night. As for getting things done in the home. You can delegate your others to do for you. Please don’t feel guilty about asking. Newborns have a way of getting people to do things for you😊 You also have to look at father-to-be too. How is he? If he sleeps deeply not hearing baby. It’s not because he is enjoying his sleep. He is mentally drained having to be constantly thinking about providing, caring, supporting. Not just with baby, but making sure you still have a roof over your head, food on the table, a warm home. We may think he is selfish, he isn’t. He is looking at every avenue to keep you happy. Let him know how much he has done and how much you appreciate it. Fathers-to-be, struggled from the moment he knew you conceived. He deserves a big thank you😊

  3. Omgosh so true! When my baby is asleep, all I think about is what needs to be done around the house, eat, shower, laundry, errands and the list goes on!…

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