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“Shoutout to all the mums who didn’t get much sleep last night. ⁣ My nipples fe…

“Shoutout To All The Mums Who Didn’t Get Much Sleep Last Night. ⁣
My Nipples Fe... - Postpartum - 2021

“Shoutout to all the mums who didn’t get much sleep last night. 😴 ⁣
My nipples feel worn down to nothing, my arms and back ache from sitting up.⁣
The only place she would sleep in right here. Every time I would lay her down in her cot her eyes pop wide open but as soon as she was back in my arms she was fast asleep! ⁣
Some nights are so long and in the dark of night it’s very lonely but as soon as the sun rises you get up and get on with it and prepare yourself to do it all over again the next night.⁣
Instead of worrying what I’m doing “wrong” I’m choosing to see what I’m doing right. I’m creating a safe, warm and loving environment for my baby, she feels safe with me especially when she’s not feeling well. She has a strong attachment to me and I know that it’s benefiting her in so many ways from her mental well-being to her development.⁣
For now she’s dependent on me but this is just a season and in this season I chose for her to feel safe, attached and secure. ❤️⁣
If you had a crappy night sleep, I see you & I feel you mama. Let’s try to do something to fill up our own cups today and just know, you’re not alone.”⁣

📷: @bybrittanynoonan⁣

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