Shout Out To All Those Moms Who Are Going Through This Tough Journey. You’re Not...
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Shout out to all those moms who are going through this tough journey.

Shout Out To All Those Moms Who Are Going Through This Tough Journey. - Conception - 2023

Shout out to all those moms who are going through this tough journey. You’re not alone. 💕

Originally posted 2021-03-03 13:10:17.


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  1. Tried for years… it was literally hell on earth. Went to an infertility Dr… he took over with tests and meds… I was at the end of my tether. Darkest of times and then it happened. Stay strong my friends. I know nothing can touch the heartache you feel each month. I feel your pain. I remember the pain, anxiety, frustration, jealousy, anguish, exhaustion, tension in my marriage and sadness. We got there in the end. 💗

  2. Shoutout to all the woman fighting this battle, it isn’t a easy road with period symptoms being the EXACT same as pregnancy symptoms it so frustrating especially when ur battling with PCOS.. we were bless to conceive our little nugget after undergoing endocrinologist reproductive treatment ,right before actually beginning the IUI & IVR treatments I became pregnant.. I think it’s was helpful for me just flushing the uterus and clearing out any toxic with the HSG & saline sono. Baby dust to you all. I got to see my nuggets today but due to the virus my husband wasn’t allow in so it was a happy moment & sad all at the same time.. #goodluck to you all & blessings…

  3. So guys today I went to see a gynecologist just for not check up. But also I had bad cramps during my periods. At the moment I am trying to get pregnant and this month I worked on my fertile window we had sex each day. But I did not get pregnant because I had my periods 🥶🥶🥶😭😭😭 I just finished yesterday. Today the doctor said their is a sign of early pregnancy I saw it too so spot in my womb. He said I should for a month then we could get to know what is!!!!!!! Can you have periods and be pregnant? I am confused, kindly share your experiences right now I am confused.Thank you.

  4. I went through this for 5 years. I had given up for awhile. This month I was late. First test even came back negative. For some reason I felt the need to try again a few days later. It was POSITIVE! I still didn’t believe it and had to take 3 more. All Positive! I still can’t believe it💕

  5. Had a miscarriage in Jan 2019 at 3 months and my hubby and I hav been trying ever since. Finally tested positive 2 days ago…I’m so excited and nervous

  6. We’ve been trying for almost 2 years and still have no luck getting pregnant 😭 please pray for us so my husband and I can start our own family soon❤️

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