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Should I Vaccinate My Baby

Should I Vaccinate My Baby - Pregnancy - 2024

“Should I vaccinate? ​ Is one of the most commonly asked questions and a debate that I often try to avoid discussing in antenatal classes as it can cause quite a debate. ​

For anyone interested in my humble opinion I sit firmly in the VACCINATE camp. ​ However, general vaccinating is a debate for another day.

This post is about the importance of having the flu jab in pregnancy. ​ I have never had the flu jab despite being offered it for free on a yearly basis because I am a frontline NHS worker. ​ My reasons are a little shallow… I have never had the flu and I don’t particularly like having injections! ​ Feeble, I know.

However, if I was pregnant I would definitely have the jab. ​ No question! ​ There is good quality evidence that suggests that women that contract flu are more likely to experience complications such as bronchitis or in some cases pneumonia. ​ Premature birth and low birth weight are also an increased possibility.

The flu vaccine is made from an inactivated virus and is therefore safe for mother and baby. ​

In addition, the vaccine passes to the baby, giving them increased protection following birth. ​

The jabs are usually given in October and November but can be given later in the winter. ​ It is best to get your injection as soon as the vaccine becomes available usually in September (for those in the northern hemisphere – March for those in the Sothern Hemisphere like her in Australia) ​ It can also be given at the same time as the whooping cough vaccine”

Text/Image Credit: @thehonestmidwife On Instagram

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Originally posted 2021-03-03 13:54:02.


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  1. I caught the FLU Type A; 2 days before my delivery Oct 9th, 2019. NEVER got the shot in my life. I didn’t knew I had that until I got into the hospital. Couple of days before I went to an urgent care were they never tested for FLU but did for strep test and obviously it came out negative. They gave me meds for cough and fever, but never filled 1 med. I was scare to take any RX med since I had 2 miscarriages before. I just took Tylenol. When I got to the hospital I still had that persistent cough, snoring chest and a little fever. They tested positive for FLU type A. I was 37 weeks, and delivered my second child a healthy baby boy, it was vaginally and without epidural. So proud of myself. I didn’t want the epidural since day 1, because I had terribles back pains. They gave me Tamiflu for 5 days. The only sad thing was; I had to wore a mask and saw my baby for 8 mins when he came out and then they took it away just to be safe. I was able to see him at the discharge. Nurses said I was the only case of Flu during that season. Nurses used to take pics with my phone of the baby so I can see him. I will never forget that experience. Flu is no joke when delivering.😉😉😍😍🙌🙌. God is good!!!

  2. The vaccine works by stimulating your immune response to create antibodies for future flus of only that exact strain. (Will not protect you from all flus) The spike in your bodies efforts to deal with this flu shot is the exact response doctors also warn you against. Like food poisoning. A spike in temperature and immune response during pregnancy has been proven by scientists to cause complications to the baby/birth. So for the same reason you can’t eat soft cheeses and prepackaged meals should be the same reason you don’t get a flu shot.

  3. I got the flu shot at around 7-8 months, no complications and no flu 🤗. I have caught the flu a few years ago back to back because i was never getting the shot. One i started getting the shot i havent been sick at all.

  4. I got the flu shot and about 3 weeks later I caught the flu from my little sister. I was like 30 weeks along and the flu led to a GI infection. Basically the flu led to a preterm labor scare and I was hospitalized for 2 days so they could slow down the contractions. If I didnt go to the emergency room I could have went into labor.

  5. The vaccine is safe and helps to prevent you getting very sick at a time when you are visiting hospitals a lot AND your immune system is low. Had mine at 20 weeks or so and all fine. Dont be put off, medical professionals recommend it for a reason. I personally do not have time to be flattened for over a week with the flu plus the added stress of it affecting the baby.

  6. Flu va((ine in pregnancy can cause miscarriage and still birth and has NOT been tested for safely in pregnant women. And it’s only 9% effective. Not to mention it has known carcinogens and listed poison in them. Literally on the insert that comes with the shot it lists death as a possible side effect. Not trying to be whatever but knowledge is power.

  7. Theres also a HUGE risk in miscarriages following the flu shot or whooping cough. If I knew better when I go the whooping cough vax while prego I would opt out. Look up on the cdc that it says vaccines are not proven safe for pregnant women. Do ur research before trying to push vax on pregnant women.

  8. I never got the flu shot when I was pregnant and My son caught the flu and living under the same roof he never gave me the flu…strong immune system 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏼🙌🏼

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