Saddlebags Workout (Outer Thighs) For Pregnancy - Third Trimester Workouts Videos - 2024

Saddlebags Workout (Outer Thighs) for Pregnancy

Your outer thighs will be on FIRE! This prenatal saddlebags workout is good for 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester of your pregnancy to slim and tighten the outer thighs and hips.


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  1. I enjoyed this … I’m not pregnant… what do you recommend for tops of hamstrings / too inner, please? I’m doing your inner thigh and lots of other exercises. I walk a lot and eat healthy (established last few years) but been hard getting my straight legs to look curved and still got fat areas to lose. My puffy ankles are getting less puffy as been doing massage drainage, believe it or not. I’ve also started your calf exercises. I’m 52 and feel like 42 and so chuffed when people say I look forties. Whoop! I would just love to wear shorts especially in hot weather. I was anorexic when a teenager but didn’t exercise. Pre anorexic I had normal legs. I’m a brutish size 10 though. Just bottom heavy. Thankyou for great videos and being so nice in them … Lesley (U.K.)

  2. Hey Ashley! 10wks postpartum here after 3rd baby. Looking for a saddlebag workout for post pregnancy. Should I just continue with this one? Trying to get ready for Hawaii in 6 weeks! Still have some stubborn pounds to lose🙄 Loved all of your workouts during this last pregnancy, so thank you! Congratulations on baby #3 to you too btw!

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