Hack To Restrain Your Baby During Diaper Changes
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Hack To Restrain Your Baby During Diaper Changes

Hack To Restrain Your Baby During Diaper Changes

Wondering how to restrain your baby during diaper changes to avoid poopy hands!? 💩

Found this great hack shared on a FB group (the poster didn’t cite their source unfortunately so please please comment if it is yours).

I’m sure I’m not the first one to think this would be useful, but the idea is to button up your baby’s onesie above his shoulder to keep him from reaching into his poop during diaper changes.

Mind blown!!! 🤯 🙌

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  1. Our kiddo is a little older and she likes to unzip her clothes to take her diaper off. My genius husband figured out to use a “binder clip” (black metal triangle with the silver loops that fold back) to clamp over the top of the zipper.

    Hopefully that makes sense and will help some other parents out there

  2. My guy will reach for poop but, I’ve been handing him books to look at. Sometimes a toy but, he tends to toss them now. Lift flap books keep him even more interested in book over diaper contents.

  3. I use cloth wipes and used to throw a (clean) one on my kids face just before opening up the diaper. They’d reach for the cloth, I open up the diaper and clean up the poop, and no poop is grabbed. It works most of the time, anyway :). Now that the baby is a toddler, I hand her a board book or a hair brush or something before opening up the diaper to keep her hands out.

    It’s really handy to button up onesies over the shoulder during toilet training so the tails don’t get peed on!

  4. Oh my god. Literally the second my sons diaper comes off it’s off to the races for him to grab his balls – poop be damned. It’s not so bad when my husband is around so I can get him to grab his hands and distract him but if it’s only me my baby’s getting a handful of ball poop.

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