A Pregnant Woman Needs, On Average, Approximately 10 Cups (2.3 Liters) Of Fluid ...
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Recommended Water Intake When Pregnant

Recommended Water Intake When Pregnant - Pregnancy - 2024
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A pregnant woman needs, on average, approximately 10 cups (2.3 liters) of fluid per day.

This includes the recommended three to four glasses of milk or calcium-fortified soy beverage.

Fluid requirements can also be met with a glass or two of fruit or vegetable juice, herbal tea, soup, rice drink or any other non-alcoholic refreshment.

Coffee and regular tea also count, in spite of their diuretic qualities, but should be consumed sparingly because of the caffeine.

Drinking water—either bottled or tap water—is a great way to rehydrate during or between meals. In addition, your body will derive water from food, especially fruit, vegetables and semi-liquid foods like yogurt.

How much water are you drinking a day?

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