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Real-life stories from the birthing unit – epidural of the CENTURY.

Real-Life Stories From The Birthing Unit - Epidural Of The Century. - Pregnancy - 2023

Real-life stories from the birthing unit – epidural of the CENTURY.

It was 9.30pm and I was about to finish my shift in the birthing unit. I was handing over to the next midwife when I heard my labouring woman’s CTG alarming – this is the machine that monitors the baby’s heart rate and uterine contractions.

I walked back into the room and the woman (who’d had an epidural) was lying on her back happily scrolling through her phone, and her husband was snoring away on the chair next to her 🙄

I realised the machine was alarming as it’d lost contact with the baby’s heart rate. This is quite common, and most of the time it’s just positional as the baby moves down the pelvis.

I was about to move the woman and help her onto her side, but as I pulled back the sheet, I got the shock of my life when I saw a healthy baby boy laying there all cosy between his mother’s legs 😳

Mum had absolutely NO idea that she’d given birth, and Dad got a huge surprise when he came to.

The night-shift midwife, who’d been working for 40 years, had never seen this happen before!

So… here’s to the anaesthetist she definitely deserves the best epidural of the year (or century!)   .

Story and 📸 credit  @makelabourhappen on Instagram

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  1. ladies what do you prefer best .. natural birth or epidural? i’m due in 6 months and i’m scared 😭😭 first time mommy

  2. Wow!! I had an epidural with my second but I definitely still felt that I was having contractions and birthing a baby! ….but hey, not a bad way for it to happen; no pain! 🙌🏽

  3. She didn’t even feel the urge to push?!?! No pressure?!? Goodness! That’s one hell of an epidural 😂🙌 I felt it all, as the epidural only took to a quarter of my body.😂🔥🔥🔥 Should’ve just went natural!

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