Raise Your Hand If You'Re Pumping (Or Have Pumped In The Past)! ⠀
Rachel Mcada...

Rachel McAdams Breast Pumping Like A Boss!

Rachel Mcadams Breast Pumping Like A Boss! - Pregnancy - 2024

Check out this cool pic of Rachel McAdams, on a photoshoot, between shots, 6 months postpartum. ⠀
(Pumping on the job might not look this glam for all of us, but for all the pumping mamas past, current and future…YOU ROCK 💪💪💪)⠀

From the photographer @clairerothstein on Instagram

“A million reasons why I wanted to post this picture. Obviously looks incredible and was quite literally the dream to work with but also this shoot was about 6 months post her giving birth to her son, so between shots she was expressing/pumping as still breastfeeding.

We had a mutual appreciation disagreement about who’s idea it was to take this picture but I’m still sure it was hers which makes me love her even more.

Breastfeeding is the most normal thing in the world and I can’t for the life of me imagine why or how it is ever frowned upon or scared of. I don’t even think it needs explaining but just wanted to put this out there, as if it even changes one person’s perception of something so natural, so normal, so amazing then that’s great.”

Besides she’s wearing Versace and Bulgari official diamonds and is just fucking major. Big shout out to all the girls 💪🏽⠀

Side note: I did not look anywhere near as fabulous as this when feeding/pumping. And that’s ok too.

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  1. Nurse my children and then also pump full time to donate. 5 children and almost 9.5 years of pumping. I don’t look like a supermodel but I’m a badass cow🤣🐄

  2. I pumped for 2 of my kids back to back (both under age 2 atm) and all I have left are big nipples and a flat chest 🙃

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