Do You Guys Know What Prodromal Labor Is? ⁣⁠
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Prodromal labour – What Is It And Why Does It Happen?

Prodromal Labour - What Is It And Why Does It Happen? - Pregnancy - 2024
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Do you guys know what prodromal labour is? 😭⁣⁠
Prodromal labour is labour that starts and stops before full-on labour begins. It can last for days or weeks, and usually does! 😭⁣⁠
💥 Prodromal labour is essentially similar in how early labour feels (painful contractions at regular intervals), but it doesn’t change your cervix. ⁣⁠
💥 Prodromal labour is sometimes confused with Braxton Hicks contractions, but they aren’t really the same! BH’s are usually painless and bearable, and prodromal labour is just a b*itch!⁣⁠
💥 It can be really confusing for many women because they don’t know when to come in for labour! ⁣⁠
💥 Sometimes prodromal labour contractions can be 4-5 minutes apart, which is typically when many women arrive at their hospitals/birth centres!⁣⁠

Why does Prodromal labour happen? ⁣⁠

Research suggests that these contractions are preparing your body for the real deal! They may help get the baby into position, strengthen your muscles for labour, and get your pelvis ready for the main event.⁣⁠
If you are experiencing prodromal labour try to focus on resting in between your contractions as best you can, do lots of position changes as needed, and even take a warm bath to help relax and ease the pain.⁣⁠
Hang in there, mama! Eventually, it does turn into labour!! ❤⁣⁠

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  1. I had it for the two nights that lead up to my 46 hours of labor😬 it was not fun and such a cruel joke to this 41weeker 😂 needless to say she eventually came out and I got my VBAC

  2. Had this for 3 weeks before I finally went into labor!! I had to be induced because my cervix would not change. So painful!!

  3. 3, almost 4 weeks of prodromal labor. makes me not want any more children 😭 but at the end of it my animal brain took over and was like “that wasn’t so bad, I could definitely do it again”

  4. Almost every night for a month. Would stop around 5am every time 🤦🏻‍♀️ Who needs sleep when you can feel like you’re in labor for a month?? So mentally and physically exhausting.

  5. It might happened to me. I had a contractions 4mins apart, so we went to hospital, because the way to hospital takes about one hour. The doctor told me, i am only 1cm opened and i am not in labor yet. She was very rude to me and let us to go home. We came home, the pain was getting worse, so after 10 hours we went back to hospital and I was 5cm opened! After another 4 hours my son was born. It was freaking crazy and also I had a back pain labor!

  6. Just delivered my first baby after weeks of this. I’m a labor nurse and it was still confusing for me to figure out if it was the real deal or not. Thinking my body was trying to turn my OP baby to a better position!

  7. It’s also important to try to help baby get into a better position – the miles circuit or spinning babies are great for this!

  8. I had prodromal labour for 2 WEEKS Before my son arrived. When I finally went into labour, I didn’t believe it was actually real until half way through it 😂 my first labor was 23 hours and it was HARD. No prodromal labour there. Second one, 6 hours labour, didn’t believe half of it, and when I arrived at the hospital my son was born almost exactly an hour later. I hated prodromal labour but if it was the reason for my short and easy second labour, I’d go through it again!

  9. I had 2.5 WEEKS of prodromal labor before my VBA2C this summer. It was hell. I felt like the girl who cried labor – especially in pandemic times – getting my brother and his fiancée to come 150 miles to watch the nephews while we went to the hospital. I was sent home from the hospital twice before the real deal. It was exhausting – physically and emotionally. If you have experienced this – or will in the future – I feel for you. I did everything in the book – and even things not in the book! – to try to jumpstart labor. Thank goodness for my amazing doula and supportive family!

  10. I had this stuff for 4 nights until I had my baby! Would be in “labor” all night long, then they would go away when the sun came up! 🙄

  11. I just went through this and OMG 😣 3 days straight of contractions (literally the same as pain levels as actual labor) all to be stuck at 1cm. It was so annoying that when it was the real deal my midwife had to convince me to go to the hospital— I was not up for getting sent home again. Then when I was finally in labor I was stuck at 5cms for 16 hours. Ended in an emergency c-section. Very glad I told myself early on that my birth plan was to go with the flow.

  12. I had prodromol labour with my last two for WEEKS. Like every night from week 35 onwards from 11pm to 3 or 4 am. I don’t know if there is any research, but those two labours started at about 11pm at night ha, and both were less then 6 hours- one was 5, and the last was 2! 😬

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