Preparing for your physical and mental recovery after baby? Preparing for life after baby

Preparing For Your Physical And Mental Recovery After Baby? Preparing For Life After Baby - Pregnancy - 2022

Preparing for your physical and mental recovery after baby? Or just preparing for baby?

As an expecting mama, of course you need to prepare to have all those baby essentials to care for your new bundle of joy. Diapers, wipes, ointment, bottles…any of the things that will help make baby care a little easier.

But most of us don’t think we’ll need to prepare for our OWN adjustment as much. Sometimes we learn the hard way…when we are in the thick of things, struggling with the recovery or feeling blindsided by the mental overwhelm.

✨Did you know preparing for your postpartum life (before labor and delivery) can make the transition that much more manageable?

Not just because you’ll then know what to expect, but also because you’ll get the support as soon as it’s needed. Before complications arise. So you can recover well and feel like you again. @mommysbundle

Originally posted 2021-01-12 06:03:05.

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