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Preparing For Birth – 5 Top Tips

Preparing For Birth - 5 Top Tips - Pregnancy - 2024

See how these daily habits can help get your mind and body ready for the big moment🤩!


You may hear this one quite a bit, but do you really know WHY you need to drink more water during pregnancy? Well for starters, water is responsible for carrying oxygen and nutrients to our cells, tissues and organs. Hydrating helps transport essential nutrients to meet the baby’s developmental needs. But water also helps preserve adequate levels of amniotic fluid — which serves a number of purposes including cushioning baby and maintaining a constant temperature.


Did you know you could help get baby in position for birth, by daily stretching?? Yes, even simple stretches that take just a few minutes in your daily routine can encourage optimal position where the baby is head down with back and bottom to mom’s left, and feet to mom’s right.


Birth is more than just a physical experience — there’s actually a big mental component to the process. Your mental state and willpower will be needed to guide you through contractions and all the other painful parts of the birthing process. With the right mindset, you can overcome many challenges.


Similar to your daily stretches, gentle exercises throughout your pregnancy is one of the best things you can do for an easier labor and delivery. It can bring shorter labor and delivery, lower pregnancy complications and lessen the risk for postpartum depression.


This one may be a bit surprising…but according to a recent study dates and raspberry leaf tea can actually help induce labor naturally, helping you avoid Pitocin and contribute to shorter early labor!

The little habits really can add up ✨🙌🏽!!

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Do you have any other Tips for our soon to be moms?

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  1. I’m 33 weeks, how soon can I start drinking raspberry tea and eating dates? Don’t wanna go into labor till after my 36th week anyways lol

  2. I am convinced dates put me into labor. I decided to eat a date to help get my body ready and gave birth 24 hours later!!
    I will definitely be trying it again!

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