Prenatal Yoga | Challenging Yoga To Train For Labor - Third Trimester Workouts Videos - 2024

PRENATAL YOGA | Challenging Yoga to Train for Labor


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  1. My favorite no frills yoga workout! I needed to comment that the "Warrior 1 pose" was actually Crescent pose (back heel lifted position, vs a wider stance with heel down– warrior 1). A great stretch sequence nonetheless. Thank you!

  2. Hi everyone! I am conducting a ✨study on prenatal yoga and low back/pelvic pain ✨, I need your help! 🙏  If you are pregnant, living in the US, experiencing pain or discomfort in your low back and/or pelvic girdle and doing yoga, please take a moment to fill out my survey after your prenatal yoga class. It is anonymous and takes 5-10 minutes to complete, just click to access the survey or to know more about the study.  THANK YOU 🙏

  3. I just came across your videos. Wish I found these earlier, but better late than never. I'm 29 weeks and started following along with your prenatal plan. Thanks for all the effort you have put into making your videos and writting up the plan . I just have a couple of silly questions about the plan.
    Week 29 Thursday- does this just mean go for a walk?
    Week 30-tuesday what is CD
    & week 30 -thursday not sure what Wu is?
    Thanks again, very excited to do all your videos 🙃

  4. 33 weeks and loving this video! Been a bit sick and tired over the last week but this is the one mild workout i can always find some motivation for 🙂 My birthing squat skills have vaaaastly improved too!

  5. Hey Ashley! Just wanted to tell you that I am 41 weeks pregnant with my first baby, scheduled for induction tomorrow night. I've been following your workouts since I discovered them around week 13 or 14 and they have been SO incredibly helpful, providing structure and taking the guesswork out of what is safe to do while being challenging and fun. I am signed up for the 12 week postpartum plan and can't wait to get started with that in not too long. Thanks a million for all that you do – I admire you, your testimony, and your positivity so much! God bless ❤

  6. I developed some inner thigh/groin pain after finishing the prenatal plan and promptly crashing on the couch every afternoon instead of continuing to work out. But I'm noticing the pain and stiffness decreasing since I started doing the this workout almost every day, and I plan to continue it for the last couple weeks. Thanks!

  7. I've doing this workout once to twice a week for the last few weeks and I've gotten better at it which is so encouraging.. thank you so much for posting it. I'm now almost at 33 weeks and will try to continue doing it until week 38 or even 40 if I can manage 🙂

  8. Hey Ashley! I am slowing down while entering into my 3rd trimester and some days I need a more stretch and flow, so would you be willing to create quick, relaxing yoga routines for recovery days??

  9. I'm 29 weeks, and experiencing a lot of outer hip pain whenever I bend or lean. During the modified half-moon, sitting with my legs out like that really causes pain, as if my hip joints are coming out of alignment. So I'm modifying it further uy having my legs bent in front of me in a semi-circle. Is there a better way to modify that, and is there a way to help train my hips to be able to handle that position?

  10. This prenatal yoga video is fantastic! Thankfully, I have been able to continue with most of my regular exercises and work outs throughout my pregnancy, however, especially in the mornings, this is perfect for just helping you feel good! You get so tight and alittle stiff while you are pregnant and this yoga video is amazing for making your body feel loose and tone. I also love the length. I can usually sneak in 20 minutes anytime! I started doing it in my second trimester and am still doing it at 38 weeks! 🙂

  11. I'm pregnant with my second child and after my first I had some ab separation up until my current pregnancy. It's not too much separation but I didn't know if planks, push ups, pull ups, etc. are completely discouraged (not while I'm pregnant though) until my abs heal again or if they'll ever completely heal? Hopefully that makes sense…

  12. I've really been enjoying all your prenatal workouts. So great to not waste time but feel empowered towards a smooth, healthy labor! I'm at 31 weeks (7th baby!) and interested to try your 12 week after baby plan! Thanks, Ashley!!

  13. I tried this video for the first time this morning and I think I'll keep going! I'm having a lot of round ligament pain and sciatica, so I need to step up my stretching. I'm 32 weeks with my very first baby and I'm NOT FLEXIBLE AT ALL. The last time I could touch my toes was when I was a freshmen in high school basketball, and that was at the END of the season. In your video you said you'd be doing this about 2 times a week until labor. For someone like me who is not very flexible and doesn't work out, pregnant or not, would you recommend doing this more than once a week? I was thinking every other day? Too much? I just want to be ready!

  14. I live in Sweden and I've done all your prenatal youtube videos during my pregnancy (combined with some other youtube videos as well, but yours are my favorites). My pregnancy and birth was so comfortable and easy, maybe thanks to your wonderful videos! I gave birth three weeks ago and since then I've still been practicing your great prenatal videos! 🙂

  15. I was wondering why it hurt to walk this morning! 😉 Truly felt the soreness in my groin area, that normal?? Gonna try to do it a few times a week to build up those muscles!

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