Prenatal Upper Body Blast - Third Trimester Workouts Videos - 2023

PRENATAL Upper Body Blast


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  1. I love your workouts, because most other prenatal workouts I find are incredibly lame and really only effective for total beginners (or for those days where you just feel terrible and can barely get off the couch). I'll be doing this one later today, but I'll find something else to do instead of the burpees. Anything where I extend out into a full plank makes my abs cone and not feel stable, and I'm only 20 weeks.

  2. I am following the prenatal workout calendar, and I have noticed recently that I am not getting sore from the workouts anymore. I am on week 19. I feel like I work hard every time I do the workouts, and I don't think I could move up with my weights. Sometimes I even add in an extra workout from another channel. For example, today I am focusing on arms so I did this workout and another short arm workout from a different channel. Is it normal to not feel sore after working out, or am I doing something wrong?

  3. Yet another winner from glowbody pt! I love feeling safe ti get that sought after workout burn and endorphon boost while knowing I am being led by someone conscious and educated in prenatal work out!

  4. I just finished this work out I’m 31 weeks too! I believe you said that In the beginning of the workout! I’m not going to lie the only thing I modified out was the burpee I was at the gym! But i think I would have totally done it if I was at home! Thank you for this killer workout! It’s nice to see a fit mom! Pushing us other pregnant moms I very much appreciate the challenge especially because I went to the gym prior to this! This wasn’t an “easy pregnant workout” thank you!!!!

  5. Dear Ashley, I am in love with your workout routines. I followed your exercises throughout my pregnancy and now, post-partum. I would love to see a video on post-partum ab reconstruction that considers diastasis recti condition. Please, would you post one video? Thank you

  6. Thank you so much for your workouts! They're really helping me! One question about the push-ups – they're a challenge for me! Is it safe to be planking if I'm taking a break in between push-ups? Thanks!

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