Prenatal Pulse &Amp; Sculpt Booty Workout | 1St, 2Nd, And 3Rd Trimester Safe - First Trimester Workouts Videos - 2023

Prenatal Pulse & Sculpt Booty Workout | 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Trimester Safe

This is not your average prenatal workout…Your glutes will be on FIRE in just minutes with this Pulse & Sculpt booty workout! At home prenatal butt workout for 1st trimester, 2nd trimester and 3rd trimester of pregnancy.


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  1. Ashley, a million thank you for these prenatal workouts. I've tried different ones and none were good and challenging as yours. I'm now 33 weeks and have been following your prenatal program diligently (not a single workout skipped :)) since week 12. And honestly, this is the best I could do for myself and my baby. I feel great, in good shape and plan to continue doing 3rd trimester workouts till the due date. You're the best!

  2. I just love your workouts; love how genuine u r! Thank you so much, so glad I found u
    I’m now 27 weeks; do you have any kegals videos, unsure how many sets of short and long I’m suppose to do a day
    Some videos say too many can also cause problems so I want to make sure I’m doing the right amount
    Thank u so much for your time!!!

  3. Hi I have 5 weeks left until my due date. Haven’t been working out at all and I’m completely out of shape. I recently found your videos and they look great! Is it too late for me to begin? My belly’s quite large and my body is not used to exercise. Which body parts would you recommend I focus on? Thank you!

  4. So I can't comment on your "1st Tri Leg Routine" but I have a question about it… I am following the prenatal plan and doing the suggested two or three workouts a day. In some of the videos, you recommend repeating the workout 2 or 3 times and I'm wondering if that applies even if I'm doing other workouts that day as well.

  5. I really like your workouts, most prenatal workout that you can find on the internet are just too easy.
    The other day my midwife asked me if I was doing some exercises, I said yes and then she asked ''What kind? walking?'', I was like ''no… real exercises lmao''

  6. I sure appreciate these workouts! I’ve always worked out through my pregnancies (this is #4) but I feel like your workouts really push me! Looking forward to trying your post partumn plan. Is there a link for it?

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