Prenatal Lean Arms: Get Rid Of Underarm Jiggle - Prenatal Workouts Videos - 2024


Challenging prenatal workout for the arms. Add tight definition to your arms during pregnancy.

Originally posted 2015-06-19 05:30:01.


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  1. I am 21 weeks pregnant and just came across your workouts a few weeks ago which are all amazing. I love the challenge with this workout, thanks for sharing. How many times a week should this routine be completed for best results?

  2. Those tricep push ups are next level strong pregnant momma!!! My first time doing them, and intensely satisfying once completed. It was definitely awkward that first rep, but easy to get a hang of especially with your coaching! Thanks Ashely for kicking my under arms into shape!

  3. Well, pregnant again and enjoying working out with you! It turns out that the only time I do excercise is when I'm pregnant (not something to brag about, I know). Enyway, you rock!!

  4. Holy cow you are a strong Momma! That was a tough workout. I loved it! Gavin is such a cute boy. I love how you just let him join your video. How much rest time do you recommend between workouts? I'm a runner (walker while pregnant) and do lots of cardio, but am newish to weights.

  5. I'm 18 weeks and high-risk so I am only cleared to do prenatal workouts and I'm absolutely loving all of yours! Before this pregnancy I was weight lifting heavy every day and after developing hyperemesis and being unable to leave my bed for the first 14 weeks I'm really weak now so I'm hoping if I do these series' of workouts every day or even most days that I can slowly gain my pre-pregnancy strength back. You still looked so incredible and toned while pregnant!

  6. Thanks for the awesome workouts…have been a bit confused with how to workout since being pregnant (just 15 weeks now) and lots of pregnancy workouts seem super easy. Yours are challenging, but reassuring that they are safe to do. Hope I keep as much energy as you have as I get more pregnant!

  7. Hi thank you for the video.. I'm 14 weeks pregnant.. I did this workout today oh boy I feel the burn.. I'm going to do all the works for
    Second n third trimester alone with my elliptical machine.. Thank you

  8. Ok I have been doing a lot of the lower body workouts and decided to do arms today…. I only made it half way through this but, I had just finished your 3rd trimester upper body blast. Also i have an 17 month old son too.

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