Prenatal Cardio Workout [No Equipment] | 1St, 2Nd, 3Rd Trimester Safe - First Trimester Workouts Videos - 2024

Prenatal Cardio Workout [No Equipment] | 1st, 2nd, 3rd Trimester Safe

Burn fat and stay in shape with this prenatal cardio workout during your first, second, and third trimester of pregnancy. At home, no equipment, pregnancy safe cardio routine that is quick and effective!


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  1. Thanks you so much Ashley for posting this workout! I'm one of those women that gain a lot of weight really fast in the pregnancy, so having a workout routine that truly works was very important for me and my health. I discovered you when I was 4 months along and started your workout routine asap! It has truly helped me maintain my wt, bp and blood sugar. On my delivery date in Aug 2020 I met my pregnancy wt goal that my ob had set for me. I'm 2 months post partum and have started working out with this exact video again to help kick start a more vigorous workout routine thats upcoming in the next few months. One thing that I enjoy about this workout post partum is that their isn't a lot of jumping and im able to do the routine without feeling the heaviness of my breast since I'm breastfeeding. Thanks again!

  2. LOVE. I’m 25 weeks and I’ve been doing the free workouts. That calendar is incredibly convenient. This cardio work out is AWESOME. As you’ll say in the video to use the comments for suggestions MORE CARDIO! Mainly since it’s REALLY hot outside right now for those cardio days. And I’ve tried other videos- yours are the best. I’ll def be getting the post plan ✊🏼 Also I asked a question on insta and you got back to me and were helpful, so thanks.

  3. Just started this at week 17 in my second pregnancy. In my first i had so many issues that working out became impossible (i used to go to the gym every day) and i ended up with awful PGP, inflamed hips and could barely walk by the end. i tried pilates classes which were basically just lying down breathing with the odd downward dog. Determined to do everything i can this time to stay healthy before those problems start again (or maybe they wont!). Your plan and these videos are GREAT, its so nice to feel challenged but in a safe way! Thank you so much.

  4. Loved this – exactly what I needed! The only thing I was left wanting was some stretches for afterwards and knowing how many times per day or week you'd recommend repeating it, along with any other of your localized body part workouts – currently in second trimester.

  5. Hey! ITs me again:) I just started your workouts and I have the schedule downloaded already . So I am now 17 weeks pregnant and when I did your first video a few days ago it was the older one and i loved it so much you said to start on the download . SO i was 16 weeks then And I missed the rest of your schedule week and I felt the burn from the thigh workout for days from the one video lol. WEll I am now 17 weeks and 1 day but this video above is the first video of the 17th week and I am going to follow it! even though I am starting so late on the schedule will I still get results?

  6. I am 8 weeks pregnant with my first, but I was not very athletic before becoming pregnant. I really want to do these workouts, but I am worried about my form, especially when I do the kicks. My balance is terrible and I don't have much endurance. Any advice?

  7. 25 wks pregnant and I have been doing this workout since I was 10 wks pregnant. I like to add the 12 min full body blast to have a full 30 minute workout. Love it!!

  8. (from Natalie) love this prenatal workout plan! Now 25 weeks with baby #2 and i'm really enjoying having workouts like these to keep me healthy and motivated. My daughter thinks the 3 punches are hilarious for some reason, ha! thanks for all you're doing for us mommies!

  9. I’m just confused little bit, this is my first pregnancy and before pregnancy i was really too active. Now i train with training gummibandes, just upper body and lower body, not abs. I feel like i need more but i’m afraid. I watched your video first and read all comments 😀 i think it will be good for me too, but i have a question, for 3 months pregnant is this workout OK?

  10. Hiii love love this workout but no joke I have done it 10 plus times!! Can you make another prenatal cardio workout that is a bit longer like this video? would be so helpful!!! Currently on my third trimester and feeling great!!! 🙂

  11. Hey Ashley, just FYI, i meant to post this last time I did this, but pregnant women shouldn't drink Mother's Milk tea or anything containing fenugreek bc its actually contraindicated during pregnancy #LCHat. sorry, just wanted to share that, you know I love your stuff and am so grateful for all you do!! (a good alternate is Red Raspberry Leaf Tea which is a uterine tonic thats healthy for women at all points in the reproductive years! lol) (and i apologize if someone actually already said this i didn't scroll comments!)

  12. subscribed! Love your workout, it's the right intensity and you offer modifications which is great since I'm in my third trimester already

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