Prenatal Calf Shredder Workout (Hot Burn) - Prenatal Workouts Videos - 2024

Prenatal Calf Shredder Workout (HOT BURN)

Get shredded calves while you are pregnant with this prenatal calf workout that will give you a hot burn in all the right ways. Sculpt defined and toned calves in less than 10 minutes with this pregnancy safe at home workout.


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  1. Hey Ashley! I'm currently pregnant and due in 5 weeks. I've been following your prenatal workout since month 4 and it's been AWESOME, I feel strong and confident as the big day is getting close! As we were in lockdown here in France I used homemade dumbbells, which were approx. 1.5 kg (3.3 lb). I want to follow your postnatal plan too and invest in some real dumbbells πŸ™‚ However I don't know what weight I should go for…I'm quite athletic so I want the challenge, but I don't want to bulk up too much. What do you usually recommend?

  2. I put some much weight during my first trimester, I got a lot of cellulitis on my legs…. couldn't workout due lack of energy and all day sickness πŸ˜₯ Do you think that I can toned and loss some of the fat that I gain during my first trimester , is it possible??? Thanks, I love your workouts!

  3. I love ALL of your workouts! I have a question though! So, I get an awesome burn in my calves, but my butt always hurts more than my calves haha! Sometimes my butt hurts so bad I can't do the holds all the way through. I make sure I'm relaxing my glutes and hamstrings and focus on contracting the calves as you say, but man my butt hurts haha! Is that normal? Or am I doing something wrong?

    PS – this is my third pregnancy and the first one I've worked out during. I am so glad to have found your videos! I feel so so much better this time around! 26 weeks today!

  4. Calf work out definitely intense. Yet when I feel like there is not one more lift I can squeeze out we are done. Best work outs ever! Always reccomend them to EVERYONE! I have a question though.. Prenatal printouts end at 32 weeks. Im at 33 now… I'm so used to ha ing the list to check off.. What do I do now??

  5. Thank you so much Ashley for another great, effective and inspiring workout! I'm so grateful for your motivation so I can be my strongest and healthiest self, especially during pregnancy no. 2! πŸ™‚

  6. Just did half this workout and I'm literally on fire! You did grow quite abit (belly, not the rest!) compared to the last video! Growth spurt incoming! Also, love the top as well the previous pink two piece! What other workouts do you have planned? I'd love to see another prenatal yoga one soon.. Need a lower impact one after todays!

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