Prenatal 6 Minute Inner Thigh Workout - Third Trimester Workouts Videos - 2023



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  1. Thank you for all your great videos! I am from Quebec (Canada) and it makes me practice my english :). God bless you and your family <3. I would like some warm ups maybe next video? xx

  2. These workouts feel like the are also working my side abs a lot as well (lovehandles up to bra area). I have the hardest time getting rid of my love handles, but it feels like your workouts are doing the trick!

  3. i love your workouts but since i'm 26 weeks now, i find my pelvis hurts after doing your inner thigh workout, is it normal? can i do it everyday? will it make my pelvis wider? thank you!!

  4. I'm not in my third trimester yet but tried it anyway (plan on doing it in third tri also, of course) and enjoyed it. Thanks to you, I keep exercising every day (when I'm exhausted or interrupted often by my two year old, I use 5 mins full body, but I try to mix it up and use different one each day) and I feel awesome.

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