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  1. I found you through Instagram yesterday and I am sooo happy about your free pregnancy workout plan! I am 15 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby and I want a more active pregnancy this time. So excited to start your workouts tomorrow 😍

  2. Dear Ashley! I looooved this workout! I modified some of the squats to sumo squats and at times used weights with them and it did the job! So funny, you mentioned that there are all boys in the household, I have a dog and a cat and 2 sons hahah, all boys! Rock it, momma! You are galvanizing! Love your spirits. Cheers

  3. I love this one! I might be my favourite! I also just noticed that my name is Ashley, my first child is Ryker, and second is Cooper! This is now my third pregnancy with a girl! 😍 I worked out with your workouts with my second pregnancy and really noticed results. I am starting to see results again!

  4. I'm 34 1/2 weeks and have been doing lots of pelvic exercises and squats but never as many as 100! before! So today was a challenge but I felt so good afterwards. I am totally confident that doing this a few times a week with my other workouts will help my labor!!

  5. 3 days until my due date, I'm still doing this set without the pike push-ups and feel great! Thank you so much for keeping me in shape, I wish I could show you a pic! Defo going for the postnatal plan!!

  6. love this! I only just discovered your workouts after a google search because I was so frustrated with all the easy-peasy, barely a workout prenatal videos out there. I'm all for being cautious and listening to your body, but we're pregnant not broken! I'm 23 weeks with my 3rd, a longtime runner and former competitive kickboxer and still feel strong and energetic and ready to work. I loved this and paired it with your prenatal thigh and booty as well as the 8 minute inner thigh tabata. love your little guy walking around in your video. my 2 sons are in and out during my workouts all the time. it's real life. Today I woke up sore but not incapacitated. I've done about 12 of your videos so far and loved all of them and really appreciate your modification options. so glad to have your videos to get me through the rest of my pregnancy strong and capable and look forward to looking to you for getting back into shape after baby. Really want to focus on strength and muscle tone this time around, not just cardio, cardio, cardio, all day cardio. I've messed up my hormones in the past doing that and want to avoid that ever happening again.  so I really appreciate all your knowledge. -Mary

  7. I love love love your prenatal workouts!! I followed another youtube pilates trainer for years but had to stop because I had to skip so many moves being pregnant. I just searched for prenatal workout videos and saw yours so gave it a shot! I've been doing 1-2 videos a day about 5 days a week now for 3-4 ish weeks now and already feel so much stronger and in better shape. Thanks so much for putting these out there!! Love following along on facebook and instagram too! I'll be looking into your post pregnancy plan too. I'm due with #1 in September! 🙂

  8. I enjoyed this video so much! I did some of your Tabata inner highs workouts and then I challenge my self to do this one. I was certain I wasn't going to finish it, but I did without struggles. Definitely building up confidence on how strong my body is at 22 weeks. Thank you for this work out!

  9. I'm still in first trimester & found this squat challenge perfect add on to my workout. nice to find some prenatal videos that are actually challenging 😉💪

  10. another awesome workout to combine with others, thank you! <3 I usually do about 3 different short workouts of yours and then have 1-2 days rest because I am so sore! hahaha. they look so "innocent" but you feel the next day how effective they are 😀

  11. I love this workout!!! One of my pregnancy goals is to keep my upper body in the best shape possible. I love that this is not only squats but a greaat arm and back workout <3 Can't wait to try your other vids

  12. ohh i love this workout challenge .. am in my 18week pregnancy. n i do exercises every 20 -30 mins max. divided by 2 times a day.. & involve more of regular &plie squats & side lunge.. but i feel my hips are getting wider which am not liking..could u plz enlighten me with this issue. thank you

  13. Am I the only Mommy to be (this is my first child) that is about 20 weeks and has no belly yet? I am often so much more worried about my little one because I am approaching passing the halfway mark and don't have a tummy. DR says everything is good and the baby is on target and growing fine, I know that is what is most important but I cant help but be worried. My husband and I workout about 4x a week before I ever got pregnant which is considered pretty active, I suppose. And now pregnant, I do yoga everyday and workout 3x a week. I am just constantly in a fright, sighs. I look at other bellies and find mine to be completely different. Maybe I am just being a drama queen as my husband would say. shrug any comments would be appreciated.

  14. I started following your videos two days ago, and I am so glad I found what I was looking for! Thank you! You look great! I just have a quick question. I like all your upper and lower body toning videos. The ones I have been following are the Upper Body Blast, 6 min Inner Thigh Torch, and Prenatal Booty Lift. I do all three videos together after my cardio workout 5-6 days a week. How can I add the "100 squat challenge" to my routine? Am I overdoing it?

  15. Loved this!! at 39 1/2 weeks(due 9/1) and hoping all the squats will get something started down there 🙂 thanks for all your hard work and videos, they've been wonderful and so helpful throughout my pregnancy! Oh and I'm surrounded by all boys too, aren't they the best?!!

  16. I am only 16 weeks (second baby), but I have been working out for three weeks now. This is my second day of the 109 squat challenge, and it was fantastic. I am already feeling the strength building. I haven't worked out in over a year, so it feels great to start back up. I started slow and worked my way up to your workouts.

    A lot of prenatal videos are boring and not challenging, your videos are fantastic. I have tried 4 of your prenatal videos, and can't wait to try more. Just because we are pregnant doesn't mean we are fragile little glass dolls.

  17. 24weeks and these trimester specific workouts are fantastic! I was doing lots of HIIT and strength prior to getting pregnant and all the way up to about 20 weeks, but after that, its just not comfortable for me to continue. These are a great challenge without being too taxing on me. Thank you for putting these together. I'll have to check out your prenatal yoga! I haven't seen that one yet.

  18. hi, I have just had to give up running at 26 weeks as I keep getting trouble with plantar fasciitis which is a pregnancy thing as I have never had this before.. I was incorporating your workouts with my gym workouts but I have frozen my membership now. with your workouts do you need to do the cardio based ones followed by others to maximise your results or does it not matter??

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