You Likely Have A List Of All The Important Things To Pack When You'Re Headed To The Hospital Or Birthing Center To Have A Baby. Here Are A Few More I...

Pregnant? Don’t For Get These Things In Your Hospital Bag

Pregnant? Don'T For Get These Things In Your Hospital Bag - Pregnancy - 2024

You likely have a list of all the important things to pack when you’re headed to the hospital or birthing center to have a baby. Here are a few more items you may not have thought to add, but that can be very useful! Credit: @sharonmazel

Originally posted 2021-01-12 00:56:01.


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  1. With covid, are they still ok with you bring all this stuff from home and how long should I expect to stay at the hospital?

  2. Pillows* one wasn’t enough, the hospital pillows shrink to nothing 😭😭
    Also a pretty head wrap … I did NOT feel like styling my hair after pushing a huge baby out

  3. Snacks for my Partner! I didn’t eat anything until the baby was delivered (😂) but my husband was hungry af 😂😂

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