Let’s Talk About Pregnancy Safe Exercises! ⁣⁠
 Did You Know That Exercising D...

Pregnancy safe exercises! ⁣⁠⁣⁠

Pregnancy Safe Exercises! ⁣⁠⁣⁠ - Pregnancy - 2024

Let’s talk about pregnancy safe exercises! 🤸‍♀️⁣⁠
Did you know that exercising during pregnancy provides you with a TON of benefits? ⁣⁠

  • Shorter labor and delivery (a 2018 study showed a link between regular aerobic exercise and shorter duration of the first and second phase of labor!)⁣⁠
  • Higher chance of unmedicated birth (the same study found a link between regular exercise and fewer instances of epidural use)⁣⁠
  • Keeps mood swings at bay⁣⁠
  • Boosts energy⁣⁠
  • Can help you achieve a healthy weight gain for your body⁣⁠
  • Minimizes pregnancy discomforts⁣⁠
  • Easier postpartum recovery⁣⁠

In fact, it’s so important and beneficial, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends getting about 30 minutes of activity a day!⁣⁠
Here are a few GREAT exercises to do during your pregnancy:⁣⁠

  • Brisk Walking⁣⁠
  • Yoga⁣⁠
  • Ball exercises (an exercise ball can be great to use during labor too!)⁣⁣⁠
  • Squats/Pliés (also great for getting baby engaged for labor!)⁣⁣⁠
  • Swimming⁣⁠
  • Biking on a stationary bike (regular biking isn’t recommended because you are more likely to fall)⁣⁣⁠
  • Low impact aerobics⁣⁠
  • Elliptical⁣⁠
  • Jogging (ok if you were running before pregnancy)⁣⁠

Can I definitely workout while pregnant? Most of the time YES! 👇⁣⁠
Generally, if you were physically active before your pregnancy, you should be able to continue your activity in moderation as long as it’s a no-contact activity. ⁣⁠
But it’s ALWAYS a good idea to check with your provider first.⁣⁠
Also! Don’t necessarily feel like you HAVE to exercise at your former level; instead, do what’s most comfortable for you now.⁣⁠
And if you WEREN’T physically active before your pregnancy, now is a great time to start! Start slow and work up your endurance 🙂⁣⁠

What’s your favourite way to workout during pregnancy?

Let us know in our comments below

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  1. I LOVED swimming. Taking all the pressure off my joints and aching body was necessary and so beneficial! Also did prenatal yoga, elliptical, and strength training. I was SO sick my whole pregnancy, but I think staying active really helped. I also 100% believe it made my labor, delivery, and recovery so much better!!

  2. Currently 37 weeks pregnant 🤰 and I use the Baby 2 Body app. It gives you brand new workouts every week and you can adjust based on your fitness level. I also do cardio and some weightlifting as well. I’m a first time mom so hoping this will help with labor and recovery!

  3. I was walking daily until the day I went in for induction this pregnancy. I didn’t exercise so much with my last 2 and I had an amazing delivery this time around. I don’t know that they are connected but I’m excited to get back to walking this time, since I’m already feeling pretty good only 24 hours postpartum

  4. Religiously exercised and done everything from my 2nd trimester, and still was never dilated or effaced at all and ended up with a c-section..

  5. I exercise with my second and not my first baby, I pushed for an hour with my first and maybe 8 minutes with my second!❤️ it would have been shorter if my nurse didn’t have me do small pushes to stall til the doctor arrived

  6. I’m normally a competitive bodybuilder and a firefighter, so exercise was life before pregnancy. But then I was diagnosed with early complete previa and wasn’t cleared until 20 weeks. I walked and hiked miles almost daily because that was all I could do, and then when I was cleared, I’d gone too long out of the gym to resume my routine, so I just kept walking and biking. Still had terrible, debilitating pelvic pain and a 30 hour labor (26 unmedicated). 😭 Delivery was fast, though—3 contractions (would’ve been 2 but had to stop and wait for the OB). And PP was easy.

  7. I still was lifting heavy/moderate weights and did HIIT right up until delivery! I didn’t start to lower my weight and modify movements until 26 weeks! Pushed twice, no tearing and was my first baby! He was happy and healthy and recovery was a breeze! Hoping it will be the same with my next 😂

  8. Being active and working out is the only time I’m not in pregnancy pain/discomfort 😭💕 so grateful for still being able to go to the gym which has kept me sane and feeling good!

  9. I was able to do orange theory classes, greatly modified by the end until 39 weeks pregnant. It was so good to move my body, even at a much slower and reduced pace. It helped so much with delivery of my first baby and the recovery.

  10. I ran 5k the day before I have birth. I felt fit and strong and has a simple 6 hour indicated birth. Some of my friends tried to tell me I was going to harm the baby, they even spoke to my partner behind my back. My baby was born totally healthy and happy. If you can do then I’d say totally get it there and do it.

  11. General strength training is good, healthy and has many benefits- I wouldn’t limit it to squats, or “exercising” to doing cardio & squats. I feel like that’s worthy of mentioning, otherwise you’re going to have many women scared to do anything but squats & cardio.

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