Pregnancy Is Enjoyable For Some! For Others It Can Be A Not So Great Experience - Even If There Are No Complications. 

Ive Heard Stories Of Pregnancy Being The Most Amazing Time And Others Saying It ...
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Pregnancy is enjoyable for some!

Pregnancy Is Enjoyable For Some! - Pregnancy - 2024

Pregnancy is enjoyable for some! For others, it can be a not so great experience – even if there are no complications. I’ve heard stories of pregnancy being the most amazing time and others saying it was the worst! I loved some of my pregnancies and others I wished were over.

I think first pregnancies are slightly easier as you don’t have children to care for too.

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How has your pregnancy been? 

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  1. Mine was actually good and i was worried why iam not feeling miserable nauseaus tired sick like other pregnant ladies around me… i was worried something isnt right 😷 but my midwife assured me that it doesnt have to be miserable you can have a good pregnancy too! 🙂

  2. Currently 29 weeks pregnant and I still throw up, I have awful acid reflux, no energy, gestational diabetes, anemia… But I know my boy will be worth it. I wish I could be one of those women who loved pregnancy.

  3. I’m 12 weeks and I’ve hated every minute ! People think I’m terrible for saying that !!! Nice to know that there are other women with me too

  4. I hated my pregnancy because I miscarried at 14 so i was always at the hospital worried about my daughter but lucking i had a healthy baby girl 4 days ago

  5. First pregnancy over here! I’m 11 weeks and it’s been draining. Constantly throwing up and exhausted. Hopefully it gets better, I want to enjoy being pregnant!

  6. First 3 months was like hell nusea and vomiting and not eating I lost weight and didn’t even want to look at myself in the mirror,but now I eat like a machine.

  7. My first pregnancy was at the age of 32-33 and I loved it so much! I used to be either hungry 😂 or very hungry☺️

  8. I’m 10 weeks in (I know I have a long long road ahead of me) but I gag a million times a day and puke lol. But my excitement and love for this baby way surpasses all the negative.

  9. my first pregnancy. i hate it. still with nausea & vomiting along with so many other complications. 37 weeks. but I know it’ll be worth it once I have my baby. but for now, still hating it. but i’m thankful nonetheless.

  10. M glad this is a safe place to say that I’m actually having mixed feelings. I’ve been feeling so guilty to admit that I’ve not fully been enjoying it. Though I know it will b so worth it in the end!

  11. I’m 11 weeks! So far not so good with nausea and being so tired. Hoping the second trimester turns around !! Still feel so blessed to be carrying this little one 💓

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