Pregnancy Blood Tests
Routine Pregnancy Blood Tests - What do they test for?

Pregnancy Blood Tests

Pregnancy Blood Tests
Routine Pregnancy Blood Tests – What Do They Test For?

When getting your blood work done at the doctor’s, have you ever wondered what they are testing for?

There are numerous things that can be going on in your body that might cause issues for your growing baby. Things that are helpful to know about in advance to be able to prepare before it’s baby time.⁣

The blood work will be tested for (among other things):⁣

Pregnancy hormone (hCG): This is done to confirm the pregnancy and check the level of the hormone in your blood. There is a wide variation of normal but if your provider thinks it warranted, this hormone might be checked a few times to make sure it’s increasing as it should.📈⁣

HIV, hepatitis B, syphilis: These diseases can all have a negative effect on your baby at delivery and there are certain things that can be done to minimize the effect if we know about them ahead of time. For example, if you have active HIV, a c-section may be warranted to prevent transmission to your baby. Some providers test for syphilis again at the time of admission to the hospital for the birth.🏨⁣

Blood type: This information is very important because if you are Rh-negative, you will need a shot of Rhogam during your pregnancy and potentially after birth Also, babies born to mothers that are O+ have a higher risk of jaundice after birth. We also want to know your blood type in the rare case that you might need a blood transfusion after birth.😮⁣

Iron levels: Lots of women are anemic even before pregnancy and pregnancy can exasperate the anemia. Testing it early is a good way to see how your levels are trending throughout the pregnancy. If they are low, you might need an iron transfusion during pregnancy.⁣

Did you know what was being tested for in your first trimester? ⁣

How are all my first trimester peeps doing? LOVE TO ALL! 😘⁣

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  1. Was always sick when doing blood tests but pregnancy toughened me out lol especially when in the last week(also week 40-41 overdue) due to high blood pressure, had to do a blood test every day to make sure I didn’t develop preeclampsia. Then 5 failed IVs and injections in my tummy post c section to prevent blood clots OMG did I say I have fear of needles?! But hey it was to make sure me and baby were safe. Oh and had that shot post birth coz I am Rh negative haha

  2. I have to have blood work done once a month to test for my epilepsy medication levels. I’m 32 weeks and we’re just now increasing one of medications. Tests for everything! 😁

  3. Ahh the joys of being O-. Those anti D shots hurt! I was so glad when the twins were blood typed post birth and I didn’t need an extra one.

  4. I found out in my first pregnancy that I was not immune to rubella despite the MMR vaccine as an adult to become a US citizen! I’d only had one shot when I was a kid in Canada it turned out. But still, my body didn’t hold the immunity for that one virus!

  5. Anxious to get to this first visit as I am 7.5 weeks with my first pregnancy. I’m scheduled for 4/22 which feels so far away right now. I’m peeing nonstop, my boobs are sore, and I’m a walking farting machine, but other than that, I feel great.

  6. What is the healthy range of iron during pregnancy? I am at 25 weeks and just had my iron levels tested again this week.

  7. I was surprised during my pregnancy that hepatitis C isn’t in the BBV screening. What is the reason behind this?

  8. I didnt realize my first appointment I was also being drug tested for everything under the sun (might be an Oregon thing) and i saw the lab results posted online and started freaking out they all came back negative except opioids! After 5 minutes of the internet research spiral I realized the culprit… poppy seeds! I ate an everything bagel 2 hours beforehand and had forgotten. I was nervous I was going to be treated like an addict at my next appointment but luckily they had done a more in-depth test and it came back false positive! Now I get a chuckle everytime I eat my favorite bagel

  9. I am O+ and pregnant with my sixth baby…I never knew it predisposed my babies to a higher likelihood of jaundice! So interesting!

  10. 11+2 weeks & can’t wait to be out of the 1st trimester!! It’s such a yucky feeling time & my least favourite trimester.

  11. I turned down the STD test. I feel like they are just checking up on my husband. We did it for baby number 1 and thats enough.

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