Rage, Anger, Or Irritability — However You Identify These Feelings, They’re Scar...
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Postpartum Rage Is A Thing

Postpartum Rage Is A Thing - Postpartum - 2024
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Rage, anger, or irritability — however you identify these feelings, they’re scary. They come as a surprise. They can create shame. Part of the problem is that when we withhold this information, we feel increasingly lonely.⁠

So what is postpartum rage exactly? Women report feeling intense anger or rage in instances that they believe should not illicit such a strong response. Small annoyances are often the culprit. For example, a mom may report that not having a specific grocery item, having something left out by a partner (a dirty dish, etc), unable to find something, or baby refusing nap may set off this undesirable rage. It may be completely uncharacteristic of her. This is often a sign of something else going on and needs to be addressed.⁠

Rage is often a symptom of something else (in most cases anxiety or depression)⁠

If you are experiencing symptoms of postpartum rage or anger, discuss this with your provider.

Is this something you’ve struggled with?⁠

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  1. I think this is me Im 38 and a first time mom of a newborn (2 weeks). I’ve been stressed and so irritable. I love my daughter it’s just my life has changed so fast. I been wanting to take my husband head off

  2. I think my mother has been struggling with this for the past 26 years😆 (bad joke I know.) Wow I’m really enjoying reading through everyone’s response. It’s very informative …real women with real stories ….I love it! thanks for sharing 💕

  3. Might be different for a lot but I only had after I stopped breastfeeding at 13 months my PMS and periods came back with a vengeance – I had to manage my emotions and calm myself with breaks where I don’t react but rather walk away and deep breathes.

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