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Anyone else try their hand at shower art with their postpartum hair loss?

Anyone Else Try Their Hand At Shower Art With Their Postpartum Hair Loss? - Postpartum - 2023

Anyone else trying their hand at shower art with their postpartum hair loss?

Originally posted 2021-02-07 15:52:58.


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  1. Literally just got out of the shower and thought about posting about postpartum hair loss! Glad I’m not the only one. I’m four months now and it’s still coming out like crazy. How do I even have hair left!?

  2. This is my husband’s least favorite thing that I do in the shower. I tend to forget the hair on the wall, and it grosses him out. At least it’s not all going down the drain to clog our pipes 🙃

  3. It actually took me a while to see there face because I thought it was an elephant walking away. I drew it on my phone but can’t figure out how to upload it, and that makes me sad

  4. I used to occasionally gather all my postpartum loose hairs and clump them together on the shower wall as a gross/funny display for my husband to find at his next shower.

    Until I was minding my friend’s baby one day and her husband came to pick up their child. He was a plumber and had just finished a dirty job and asked if I minded him having a quick shower before he handled the baby. “No worries!” I replied, forgetting about my long, dark, hairy wall display on the shower wall.

    It was never mentioned. I still do it.

  5. I thought hair loss started right after having baby. So for 3 months I felt like the lucky one who got to keep all that nice hair. Now at almost 4 months I am going absolutely crazy. My hair is super long, and I find it everywhere. Or should I say it finds me! On the floor, in my clothes, on my baby, it’s so bad that I brush my hair multiple times a day just trying to control it hahaha…help

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