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With that said, when using our website we ask all visitors to abide by the following posting terms. This way we can ensure New Moms Forum remains a safe, happy and healthy place for everybody ūüėá


  • Treat Everyone with Respect. It is possible to get your point across and disagree without being rude. This includes but is not limited to:
    • ZERO TOLERANCE FOR RACISM¬†The Mods reserve the right to automatically ban racist offenders.
    • Calling Others Out Publicly: If you feel they are not who they say they are, or you have any other issue with them, message the moderators.
    • Making Posts Trying to Stir Up Trouble: If you know a post will be controversial, do not make it.
    • Other Communities/Website Dramas: New Moms Forum is a community, not a clique. Please do not come here and trash talk other members or websites.
  • Spam will be removed.
    • To combat spam, we may remove standalone posts created by new accounts. You are more than welcome to post or share advice; however, please note that posts considered which, in our sole opinion, are considered spam will be removed.
    • We consider any link post spam if it is submitted by someone who is not generally active in our community. This is left up to moderator discretion, but a good rule of thumb is to keep link posts to less than 1 per every 10 helpful comments you make on other forum posts or group updates.
    • This also applies to comments which are obviously advertising, by the same specifications above. If you wish to advertise or promote something, contact us.
  • Use Upvotes and Downvotes appropriately:
    • Upvote posts you think deserve more recognition.
    • Downvote (AND REPORT!) harmful posts (trolls, harassment, completely off-topic posts.) Posts you don’t agree with? Just move on.


  • Post Bump Pics but in the Baby Bumps group only
    • Bump pics are photos which contain your pregnant belly: with a cat, with a husband, with a snack, in a tub, taken in a mirror, taken by a professional, etc. These are all bump pics.
    • Postpartum progress photos are not bump pics, they are referred to as “motivational education” on the range of “normal” postpartum bellies, and the focus is the lack of bump.
    • Additionally, photos in our groups where most do not contain your belly are allowed. Maternity photo shoots go in a bump thread; a picture of you in an album about your baby shower is fine provided most pics are not of you.
  • Post Ultrasounds and/or Announcement Pictures/Videos in the Baby Bumps Group ONLY:
    • Ultrasound pictures¬†may accompany a text post ONLY if the ultrasound is a¬†bonus¬†to your content, not the reason for the post.
    • Please do not ask for opinions regarding gender-based on symptoms or ultrasounds, this includes but is not limited to Nub Theory requests!).
  • Include a DETAILED Birth Story/Narrative with your Baby Pics:
    • Baby Pics should accompany a detailed Birth Story/Narrative.¬†Do not post a picture of your baby with no content.
    • “It’s all worth it!”,¬†stash flash, etc. photos without content will be removed.
  • Discuss Circumcision within comments ONLY:
    • Civil discussion of circumcision is allowed to take place organically within comments.
    • Stand-alone posts regarding circumcision are banned and will be removed.
    • Failure to remain respectful on either side of this topic may result in a temporary or permanent ban.
    • The voting system shall not be used to indicate dis/agreement. Please upvote helpful or informative content and downvote harmful of off-topic comments.


  • Post or Ask For Personal Information:
    • This includes but is not limited to names (check your ultrasound photos!), phone numbers, email addresses, home addresses, social media account information (personal blogs, youtube channels, websites, etc.), or other identifying information.
    • Do not seek out or act upon the personal information or social media of other users.
  • Solicit:
    • Do not ask for donations or funding of any kind.
    • Promote/advertise/give away your products and/or codes and/or services and/or blog (etc.)
  • Post Polls/Surverys:
    • ¬†Polls, and/or Surveys used for the purposes of market or academic research may ONLY be posted with prior permission.
    • Permission will only be granted in compelling circumstances in which the poll or research is novel and fresh.
  • Ask if You or Your Girlfriend or Your BFF or Your Cousin et. al. are or Could Be Pregnant
    • This includes asking in both direct and roundabout ways or asking if you could have fathered someone else’s baby. No one, including your doctor, can tell you whether you’re pregnant or not based off symptoms and/or charts; if you think you’re pregnant you need to take a pregnancy test.
    • Regardless of your test results, please do not fish for confirmation one way or the other via symptom comparisons and/or un/success stories.
    • In the US, if you cannot afford a test, check your local Health Department to see if they offer them for free or low cost.
    • If you think a baby may not be yours, you need to do a paternity test.
  • Ask or Give Medical Advice/Opinions:
    • We are not doctors, we are only seeing your symptoms through a screen. You¬†may¬†post asking for other women’s experience with symptoms or medical issues you are already having.
    • If you are not a doctor you are in no position to offer medical advice. If you are a doctor, you’d know better than to offer medical advice here. Giving poor medial advice is often more dangerous than giving no advice at all.
  • Post Pictures of Pregnancy Tests:
    • Pregnancy tests may be posted within the context of a post provided it is in addition to the content but is not the sole purpose of the post.
  • Post Pictures of Bodily Fluid:
    • Even with a NSFW Tag.
    • Save these questions for your doctor
  • Turn our community into a political minefield!¬†
    • Please do not discuss the state of [insert Nation here]’s affairs unless the discussion is DIRECTLY relevant to pregnancy/childbirth/postpartum.
      • So: a post regarding a new law allowing male partners to share maternity leave would be permitted.
      • Whereas: an Ad hominem manifesto regarding Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, or any other political figure is not relevant and will be removed.
    • This applies to comments as well as the text of posts.
    • This rule will be subject to moderator discretion.

If you see any posts or comments that break these rules, please report them. This sends them to our mod queue to be looked over, without your name.

If you have any questions, concerns, want to alert us to harmful posts more quickly, please feel free to reach out to our site Community Manager.