Parents, Who Exaggerate Their Baby'S Accomplishments
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Parents who exaggerate their baby’s accomplishments?


Parents, Who Exaggerate Their Baby'S Accomplishments

Why do people lie and/or exaggerate their baby’s accomplishments? Does anyone know anyone like this.

I read this kind of stuff and I’m just like…  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  1. Omg. I totally forgot I posted this when i couldn’t sleep last night. I’m dying and my husband keeps asking what I’m laughing about.
    My 6 Month old asked me to keep it down as she’s playing Fortnight.

    Thanks for the laughs!

  2. My fourteen month old is somehow uttering “you’re welcome” when someone says thanks to her.

    She still won’t say Dada or hello or anything other than “mamamamamamamama” for her mother, but she’s somehow saying “you’re welcome.”

  3. Listen, I am totally against baby harming, and I get really anxious at the thought of even thinking about a baby getting hurt. But a baby talks to me in a whole sentence at 8 weeks and I would most likely drop it because I have been spooked to hell.

  4. I feel like such a muggle just happy my LO of holding his head up most of the time solo and babbling cute noises at us. I suppose with covid I’m missing the mum groups and compare the babies discussions.

  5. This woman must’ve been going through postpartum psychosis when writing this. I can’t tell you how many times my son said MOMMY while I was going through hallucinations.

  6. this always annoys me so much. why can’t you just be proud of your kid when they actually do stuff? i have friends who have had kids around the same time as me who do this and i can’t even bare to talk to them its embarrassing. idc if my kid is behind i’ll be proud of her forever for every step and achievement she makes.

  7. The worst to me is when parents of relatively early milestone hitters shit on other parents because they aren’t doing x by y time: “He’s 1 and JUST started walking, so you know they sit around a lot”. Like what? Okay your daughter walked at 8 months or whatever but 1 year old is a totally normal time to start walking.

  8. I thought “this must be a joke” and then the very next post I see on the “what to expect” forum for September 2020 babies said this almost word for word… and yea right people.

  9. The other day my mom said I was speaking full sentences and singing the Barney theme song at 7 months 😂 I was just like “uh huh, ok….”

    This was in response to my 8 week old “waving” at her on facetime. Spoiler, he can’t wave yet. He flails his arms about randomly.

  10. Ok but seriously, I feel the worst for these parents’ future kid-in-laws.

    My MIL is this person and it’s annoying AF that any time she witnesses a parenting struggle on my behalf it’s always:

    “I always did ______ and they _______ all on their own!”

    😐fucking cool, MIL, but did I ask????

  11. Right? It really stressed me out at first because I didn’t realize people were lying/exaggerating. I worried that my LO was behind where she should be because I would see people on Facebook with younger babies reaching all of these milestones.

  12. I remember a couple who used to act like this. Birth time, eye color, milestone, etc…it was all “my child is perfect” all the time. It extended to imposing dreams they didn’t accomplish in their lives onto their very young children (or in the dad’s case children and step children). Everything was about how great their lives were. They are both narcissistic and the father ended up cheating on the mother. They ended up in a joint custody situation. If you knew these people in person, you’d know the real story. They were barely making it, spent all their money on things they could post on social media, and I’m positive it was a facade that cost them a great deal.

  13. Ah yes, my son’s crib babble in a mixture of High Enochian and Old Church Slavonic was good enough that we’ve been having to exorcize his nursery of demons about once a week since we moved him into his own room at 6 months (by that point, my husband and I were sick of trying to sleep with the dull red light he glows when dreaming his forbidden dreams).

  14. Must suck for the kid to be thought of in such an exceptional manner. To feel like there is such a high bar to meet, that’s a lot of pressure.
    This sort of high pressure will cause more anxiety and possibly depression if they don’t feel they are living up the expectation.

    At the end of the day, kids are kids, they want and need to feel loved, accepted, encouraged but also allowed to fail. Teach them that they won’t be exceptional at everything and that’s ok. Teach them how to use challenges as areas to improve. Give them self confidence.

    By feeding exceptionality from birth, it won’t do any of this which leads to a rude awakening when they get to their Teen and adult years.

  15. Pfft, that’s nothing.

    Our baby:

    * Was fully verbal by 7 weeks including fluency in four dead languages and latin.

    * Could sit up from birth, crawled by 1 week, walk by 2, and solo climbed El Capitan by 4 (set the solo record by 8 weeks).

    * By one year old held seventeen patents for various technologies, including a hyper-efficient train engine, improved industrial biotherapeutics manufacturing processes, and near room temperature superconductors.

    * Personally brokered six peace treaties by 18 months old, including one that ended a decades-long war.

    * At 20 months she successfully ate a nature valley granola bar without producing even a single crumb.

    * Can successfully cancel print jobs 80% of the time.

    Still poops in a diaper though 😒.

  16. All humans are very prone to lying and exaggerating, not just with baby’s accomplishments. People want to be seen, heard and understood. People also want to be liked and praised.

    There are youtube videos of newborns accidentally making noises that sound like “I love you” and actual words. But that’s not deliberate speech.

    Deliberate speech can happen as early as 7-8 months, but it’s not until about 5-6 months that they develop the neural pathways for object permanence and abstract representation of physical objects/concepts.

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