Parenting Hack: Bath For Baby (In A Laundry Basket) And A Foot Soak With Hotter Water And Epsom Salts For Mama In A Bucket!
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Parenting Hack: Bath for baby

Parenting Hack: Bath For Baby - Parenting - 2023

Parenting Hack: Bath for baby (in a laundry basket) and a foot soak with hotter water and Epsom salts for mama in a bucket! 🙌

Originally posted 2021-03-03 13:37:24.


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  1. So I love the laundry basket idea – really, I do. It worked wonders for my son! And I will defo be giving myself a footpath when my daughter is big enough for the basket.

    But girl, that sweater. It is majestic and soooo cozy looking. Just wanted to say that. How has nobody commented on it yet?!?!!!

  2. Can someone explain why you even need the laundry basket? Why can’t this age of a baby just sit in the tub? My baby is only 8 weeks old so we’re still using a baby lounger thing to put in the tub.

  3. Our LO has those same baby shark bath toys. The 3 sharks are a pain in the ass to get all the water out since the upper and lower jaws have space for water to pool away from the spray hole, the orange fish is just fine though

  4. This is SUCH a good idea. We have a little toddler tub that baby sits in, which is a similar size as your basket. I tried bathing with him but prefer my water a good 7 degrees hotter. A foot bath it is!!!

  5. 😎. Crafty me like 👍.

    Also me or my boyfriend always gets clean too when the baby gets his bath, we bought a lil Japanese shower stool to sit on in the tub with the baby on our lap and whoever is not in the tub will lather and rinse baby and then go dry, lotion and dress the baby. Meanwhile the other person will finish their shower or bath. We do the same if the baby gets a real bath one of us sits in the tub enjoying a soak with baby too. Then if the individual who was not in the shower with baby will go and get clean too while the baby is being fed or put to sleep etc.

    (he’s a wiggler so we don’t prefer to stand and hold a naked wet slippery baby in the shower hence buying the seat, it was cheap cost 8 bucks . plus the cat always sits on the toilet seat and watches and meows then the baby likes to gurgle back to his meows excitedly 😆). Our cats nosey and also talks to us when we shower, he will bang on the door if it’s closed.

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