Someone Shared This In A Breastfeeding Group And I Kinda Wish I Had Known This Like 10 Months Ago 😐 Now It Makes Sense Why My Baby Likes The Hold His Bottle Against Him Instead Of Upright.
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Paced Bottle Feeding Tips

Paced Bottle Feeding Tips - Infographic - 2023

Someone shared this in a breastfeeding group and I kinda wish I had known when I was feeding all those years ago. 😐

Now it makes sense why my baby liked to hold his bottle against him instead of upright.

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  1. Yeah I definitely agree with this lemme share my view so my first born who’s now 17 I breast fed, then bottle, but he did have lil tummy issues. Where I’d literally be walking him around the house in circles and just patting his back or the doctor told me to lay them on his back and do like a bicycle motion with his feet to help him with gas. Now my 2nd son whom is 11 yrs younger When I was at the hospital they told me to burp him every 2 ounces. Which is what I did and he had no stomach issues at all. I will say I definitely agree with this post.

  2. We had to do this from 1 week – 5 weeks or baby would not be satisfied and eat himself sick and throw it all back up. Hes fine now at 8 weeks and we could feed him upside down lol but the first few weeks we definitely did this 100% of the time or he would be inconsolable

  3. I agree with all this, except the taking a break to burp. My baby would have gotten very upset if we had take the nipple away from him every half ounce. Pace feeding already gives baby the control to take breaks as they want/ need and slows the flow, so there is less gulping air and less need for burping.

    If we wanted to slow him down further we just tipped the bottle down more so there was less/ no milk in the nipple, but without taking it away. That’s just frustrating for many babies.

    Edit: our baby had pretty bad reflux. This worked really well for him. I was so anxious about him swallowing more air or not getting burped enough, but for him, it worked so much better than anything else we had tried and I am so glad we listened to our IBCLC.

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