Often In The Chaos Of The Day These Moments Slip By Me; The Mundane Moments Of M...
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Often in the chaos of the day these moments slip by me

Often In The Chaos Of The Day These Moments Slip By Me - Parenting - 2023

Often in the chaos of the day these moments slip by me; the mundane moments of motherhood, the ones where I should be stopping and appreciating the simplicity of this life as their mum.

After all, this is what life is all about; the slow happenings, the time spent at home, longing to lay in bed and rest by myself but knowing three small bodies will join me before long, and loving it but kind of not loving it all at the same time.

A snapshot in time, a moment so quickly caught without a second thought and so seemingly uneventful but a moment that will no doubt mean so much to me upon reflection in the bigger scheme of my life.

It’s so nice to pull myself together, get dressed, get out and about, snap the happy family pics of our days exploring and having fun. But this is what I’m trying to focus on more, the simple moments of motherhood; the ones where I’m comfortable in my sloppy home clothes, where I’m covered in kids, touched out but also pulling them in for more cuddles and kisses.

This is motherhood, this is what this life is all about. The life I dreamt of then created, this is what’s most important. The here, the now, these moments as mundane as they may be.📸 @eliseknowles On Instagram

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  1. I know kids are stressful and it take a great deal to be a mom but it’s the most rewarding thing on this planet when you just sit and look at the sweet blessings god gave you it’s so beautiful and sometimes makes us cry tears of joy

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