Nothing Can Prepare You.   The Monitors, The Sirens, The Crew Of Nurses And Doct...
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Nothing Can Prepare You 100%

Nothing Can Prepare You 100% - Postpartum - 2023

Nothing can prepare you.The monitors, the sirens, the crew of nurses and doctors running into your room. The screeching cries, the IVs, the incubator, the wires, the UV lights, the NG tubes and that digital clock with the red numbers. ⁣

You’re waiting for the good news. You see another baby get discharged, why wasn’t it yours? You’re happy for them but you wonder why it wasn’t yours. Your turn will come, Mama -but it will be when your baby says so. Your baby is doing all the work here, give them time. ⁣

They were just faced with these moments from entering the world, cut them some slack.

They are fighters. They are competitive. God knows how much strength they have in them, they get it from YOU. ⁣

Give them time. May not be tomorrow, maybe next month, may not be 3 months, maybe 2 weeks.⁣

They’re counting on you to stay put, to stay calm, to be patient and hopeful.

Love them, be there for them. Root for them. And just know that this too shall pass. Let’s pray for our NICU families and their strength tonight.

Text and Image Credit: @twinmamallama on Instagram

Originally posted 2021-03-03 12:42:02.


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  1. Unexplainable experience! You can never totally relate unless you experience it yourself.
    Forever grateful it ended in praise😊

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