⁠Having A Baby Can Make You Feel Like Your Head Is Spinning. Who Knew You Would Think These Things?!  ⁠⁠
It Is Normal To Wonder If You Are Doing Things Right. ⁠
It Is Normal To Be Focused On Aches A...
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Normal Thoughts After Having A Baby

Normal Thoughts After Having A Baby - Postpartum - 2024

⁠Having a baby can make you feel like your head is spinning. Who knew you would think these things?! 🤯 ⁠⁠

It is NORMAL to wonder if you are doing things right.

It is NORMAL to be focused on aches and pains–those weren’t there before! (And luckily, they are short-lived!)⁠

It is NORMAL to be frustrated that a once easy task like going to the bathroom is now an ordeal (this is also short-lived!). ⁠

It can even be NORMAL to feel occasional sadness. ⁠

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What are some thoughts you had postpartum?

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  1. I’m 2 weeks in and I had a c-section. I am very hard on my self about how my body use to be before having my daughter but then I think about my mental health and spiritual well being. So I started doing some self care. I am eating more fruits and veggies to help stimulate bathroom time. I have a body scrub that relieves stress and tension, I light candles in my home every morning and sage to release and negative energy. Anything negative that comes across my mind, I quickly pray about it and change it with positive affirmations. Nothing will be perfect but only you can make the change but do it at your own pace that makes things a little more easier. Ladies we are amazing because we give life. 🙏🤗❤️🙌

  2. Yep it can be like this or it can be positive too ! Both times I’ve made a list with pen and paper about the pros of pp and it helps me a lot.. 1. I can sleep on my belly now! 2. I can hold, kiss & smell my baby now 3. The weight will shake off on its own if I’m patient with my body and give it a chance to recover 4. I don’t have to sleep on my sides!! (Screw you left side) & so much more!!!! This is NOT all mental but if we try just a little bit, it can help ♥️

  3. My first 2 children I was great…. after my 3rd I was in hole or a box…. it was dark and kinda scary. I told my doctor and got some help. Best thing I did for myself and my family. First thing to remember is YOU ARE NOT ALONE, second thing to remember is ask your doctor for help. Family members told me to snap out of it or take a nap or don’t worry it will go away soon. All well meaning but not true. Post partum depression is real and it can be easily helped. Ask your doctor or nurse practitioner. Good luck mommas you are on the best adventure of your life… motherhood!♥️

  4. I get sad that my body is not the same. Now I get body aches and lower back pain, just had my son and my vijajay is swollen I can’t pee on my own. I hope it ain’t something serious. 🙈

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