Whether That Blissful Newborn Smell Comes From A Baby’s Sweat Glands Or Vernix Or Who Knows Where . . . It Only Lasts A Few Weeks. ⁣
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New Born Baby Smell – What Is It?

New Born Baby Smell - What Is It? - Postpartum - 2023

Whether that blissful newborn smell comes from a baby’s sweat glands or vernix or who knows where . . . it only lasts a few weeks. ⁣

It’s been postulated that it’s like a reward for the all hard work involved in caring for a newborn. ⁣

Some researchers believe that the sweet smell is related to a baby’s metabolism because when nutrition is no longer through the umbilical cord, the smell changes. ⁣

Apparently a 2013 study showed that when a mom (sorry dads, this only tested moms) smells her newborn’s head, the reward-related area in the brain is activated. This basically reinforces what we already know—-that a newborn smells absolutely wonderful. ⁣

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What do you think of your baby’s smell?

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Originally posted 2021-01-12 14:49:06.


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  1. I don’t remember my newborn having a smell only if I used some product on her. I’m going to pay close attention this time around and see if she has the smell you’re referring to! 💞

  2. My baby is 12 weeks and it’s starting to fade😭 it’s still there some but I’ll definitely ball my eyes out when it’s gone🥺

  3. I don’t remember my baby smelling particularly sweet at any point. He is 2 months now and does have a great smell that I can’t get enough of💕

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