Miscarriage  There’s Nothing Harder Than Losing A Baby No Matter How Early Or Fa...

Miscarriage – Be Strong

Miscarriage - Be Strong - Pregnancy - 2024
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Miscarriage 😞 There’s nothing harder than losing a baby no matter how early or far along you were in pregnancy. Be strong and try again when ready ❤

Originally posted 2021-02-23 13:21:58.


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  1. After having multiple miscarriages I was so discouraged I wasn’t sure I wanted to try for another one but now im at 14 and 4 with my rainbow baby ❤️🌈👶 and going strong

  2. I also had miscarriage last month i feel bad . cry 😭 the whole day but i give myself hope that next month am reading to get pregnant with experience miscarriage again

  3. My first baby was stillborn at 41 weeks I’ve never ever recovered I miss him everyday 😢 I’ve since had a beautiful boy and a girl but I still long to hold my angel ❤️

  4. I had two miscarriage s after my first child. I then went on to have further two children.

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