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Meditation during Pregnancy

Tips To Get Started With Pregnancy Meditation

Follow these tips for meditation during pregnancy
Meditation Tips During Pregnancy
Follow These Tips For Meditation During Pregnancy

Meditation during Pregnancy

Let’s face it, mamas, pregnancy can be rough! Not only on your body but also on your mind! Are you feeling tired, depressed or moody all the time?! Are you having trouble sleeping at night and can’t get your brain to stop racing?!⁣

I’ve got some good news – meditation to the rescue! Woohoo!!⁣

What is meditation?⁣

Meditation is the act of focusing on an object, image or word to help control your thoughts and calm your mind. ⁣It can help you connect to your body and mind, and will make you feel more refreshed, focused and balanced. All great things for a mama-to-be to feel! ⁣

Meditation can be started at any point during pregnancy – or even before you are pregnant. The earlier you start, the better :)

There are tons and tons of benefits to practising meditation in pregnancy, here are just a few:⁣

  • Relieves tension
  • Decreases anxiety
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Allows for more restful sleep
  • More likely to carry full term
  • Helps to prepare your mind for labour (and has been shown to help mamas cope more effectively with labour pain!
  • Bond with baby
  • Lowers your risk of postpartum depression

Research has shown women who have high anxiety and stress throughout pregnancy are more likely to deliver preterm and low birth weight babies.⁣Also, high levels of prenatal stress can affect fetal development, which can lead to cognitive, emotional, and physical development issues later on. ⁣

Pregnancy Meditation – Some ways to get started!⁣

  • Practice meditation every day, preferably around the same time (mornings are ideal!)⁣
  • Choose a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed⁣
  • Sit with your spine straight and erect⁣
  • Start with 8-10 minutes, slowly increase the amount of time to your comfort level⁣
  •  Always follow-up the meditation with a body stretch⁣
  • Use an app – for guided meditations! My two faves are “Insight Timer” and the @expectful app!! ⁣

How many of you have started meditation during pregnancy?? Share your tips below!

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