Me, Trying To Clean The High Chair The Easy Way

Me, trying to clean the high chair the easy way

Me, Trying To Clean The High Chair The Easy Way - Parenting - 2024

Me, trying to clean the high chair the easy way

Originally posted 2021-01-06 18:06:41.


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  1. I have a very large dog who plays a significant role in our clean up. I babysat for our friends’ toddler and baby. They do not have a dog. Oh my goodness. Clean up was a whole thing! I had forgotten that.

  2. I haven’t put my dog into the high chair, yet. But one of them is small enough… But they do wait for the baby to either drop something (rarely happens right now) or for me to knock all the crumbs onto the floor (regular every night). Let them two clean it all up. Then lick the baby clean afterwards (never can wipe it all myself, dogs will get it and I stop it if the baby doesn’t like it).

  3. And here I am yelling at my dog to quit eating every speck of food that falls on the floor because I would much rather clean up food than dog vomit.

  4. Haha! I didn’t think of having her clean the tray! I call my Doberman my living vacuum cleaner. I’ll call her in to the room after dinner and she cleans up all the food off the floor and in the seat of the high chair. That way I can just vacuum afterwards without sweeping! I’ll clean up big pieces but she takes care of the little ones. She’s a big part of my clean up routine at night ❤️

  5. Lol so cute! I love having my dogs clean up. My daughter was born last Nov and I took the dogs to the vet 3 days before I was induced. Took them again just before Thanksgiving almost exactly 1 year later and they both gained 15lb 😭 the vet asked if there was a particular reason and I told her we had a baby this year. She was like ohhh that explains it, this is common haha. We reduced their food a bit to counteract it.

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