Me to my baby that outgrown all his 3 month clothes

Me To My Baby That Outgrown All His 3 Month Clothes

Me To My Baby That Outgrown All His 3 Month Clothes - Parenting - 2021

Me to my baby that outgrown all his 3 month clothes

Originally posted 2021-02-22 10:44:57.

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  1. My baby wore NB clothes till 3 months, then 3 months clothes for 3 weeks, then 6 months clothes until 5 months old. They all grow so differently!

  2. I never experienced this. Both of mine were/are tiddlers. Queen Bea is almost five months and still (mostly) comfortably in 0-3 months 😂

  3. If it makes you feel any better, my daughter was in 3-6 at 8 weeks and is still in 3-6 at 8 months for most things!

  4. I’m opposite here!! 5 weeks still in newborn rotating 3 outfits because everyone told me not to buy and I keep telling myself everyday she’ll be out of them tomorrow 😅

  5. My daughter was in up to 3 months until 9 months old as she was so tiny.

    But now at 2.5yrs she is in 3-4 year old clothes as she is too tall for the 2-3 year old stuff

  6. This is impressive. My baby is the same age and I have literally just been able to put her in some of her 0-3 months and even still they are too big. She is still in 0-1 month and was in newborn at the beginning of this week.

    Shw was born at 6lbs 3oz and is now 9lbs 3oz.

  7. My daughter was wearing 6-12 month socks at 3 months 12-24 month socks at 6 months …. Like, either she has big feet or sizing is way off!

  8. I expected a huge baby because my entire family was giant at birth so I didn’t even bother buying newborn clothes. Then my 40th percentile baby popped out and we had to order a few premies until newborns weren’t swimming on her 🥴

  9. The sizes are meaningless in my opinion. My son was 5lbs at birth and wore preemie. Hes 6months next week and is wearing size 9 month. (From carters) Hes in the 20th percentile for weight and height, so please tell me how the heck its possible he wears 9 month!? What 9 month old baby is that small!?

  10. My son was born 9lbs 5oz and grew out of nb clothes in a week 😂mostly used 0-3 months clothes for couple weeks and went straight to 6 months clothes. At 6 months he was wearing 12 months old clothes 😭 now at 2.5 years old he wears youth size 5. I have to shop at boys section. He is 41 inches and 39lbs.

  11. We ended up starting in 1 year I think as the little dude is chonky. He’s 3 and currently in 4t clothing.

  12. Baby clothing sizes are for the smallest baby that’s considered “normal” for that age.

    My daughter always wore double her age in clothing sizes. She was always 65th percentile in weight and 70th percentile in height.

  13. My little dude is in 18 month clothes. He’s 14 months. Has been in them since he was 12 months.

  14. Ugh, my 10 month old has an enormously long torso and needs 12/18 month clothes to fit it

    Of course, then her legs are way too long

  15. Meanwhile my 16 month old is just barely starting to fit into 18 month stuff 😅

  16. Story of both my kids’ lives. Currently the 5 month old weighs 19lbs and is in 9-month clothes 🙃

  17. My son was out of newborn diapers in 5 days and size 1 in a month. We had stockpiled diapers so we ended up giving away 400 diapers

  18. My son started out at 5lbs, and all his newborn clothes were huge on him. Now he’s 5 months old and in 9 month clothes. I know that’s not a huge difference, but he started out so little that it’s jarring to look back at pictures and think about it.

  19. My 12 month old was in 24 month clothes, and now at 15 months some of her clothes are 2T!

    The sizing is so confusing, and every brand is different!

  20. Lol my son was in 6 month and size 2 diapers by 6 weeks old. He’s 18 months and in 2 or 3T (very tall and skinny like his dad). I assumed all babies are like that and didn’t even get any newborn stuff for my daughter who shocked me and was born a tiny little peanut. She’s 3 weeks old now and newborn is still too big on her. Haha kids…

  21. Hahaha. I hear you. My son is above the 99th percentile for both height and weight. He’s a biggie, always has been.

  22. My 6month old is wearing 18month clothes. It is so hard to get clothes for her! I keep trying to buy ahead on sales/second hand stores but the seasons always turn out to be wrong…

  23. My 10 month old wears size 5 diapers and 18m clothes, meanwhile his almost 3 year old brother is in 2T and also size 5 diapers 😂

  24. If you feel it applies, come on over to r/bigbabiesandkids! 🤣

    Mine isn’t even that big, but he’s currently wearing a 12-18 PJ at 5 months old.

  25. Oof. I feel this. Yeah, my chonk has always been ahead of the aged sizes and he completely slipped size 9 months altogether somehow! Now at 10 months old he’s making 18 month clothes look small. He’ll definitely be in 24 month clothes before his first birthday.

  26. Haha yes, my second was 10lbs at birth, completely skipped newborn, I barely squeezed him into a 3 month outfit for our late newborn photos at 5 weeks. I don’t remember how fast he flew through the other sizes, but he’s solidly in 2T at 18 months, and some of it is getting small. He only weighs 1lbs less than his 3 year old sister, it’s ridiculous.

  27. Chonk baby lyfe. When he was a young baby and always growing out of things, we started getting as much of his clothing at Goodwill as we possibly could. I also learned: don’t save the “cute” outfits for later, some other occasion. Put the cute/favorite things on when you want to, because you don’t know how much you’ll get to use them!

  28. LOL! Yup like every size for my daughter. 3 months old? In 6-9months. Now she’s 2 and in 3T maybe even 4T for pants 😂. The sizing is terrible! And it’s different at every store. It’s exhausting shopping for young children lol.