Me And My New Pumping Bra

Me and my new pumping bra

Me and my new pumping bra be like.. Pew pew pew!! 不

Originally posted 2021-03-09 07:42:43.


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  1. I literally reenacted this scene when I got mine. I don’t know why my husband loves me. I finished pumping, then went, “Honey come here!” He came running, I spun around and yelled, “Torpedo tittiiiiiieeeeessss! Pew pew pew!” He nearly died laughing.

  2. Everyone should share their fav. Mine is a lacy pink bralette type one from the Dairy Fairy on Amazon. Even though Im a 38G, its so cute and has just enough support with no bulk. The feminine details make me actually feel cute!

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