Me And My &Quot;Micropenis Nipples&Quot; Are Busy.

Me and my “micropenis nipples” are busy.

Me And My &Quot;Micropenis Nipples&Quot; Are Busy. - Parenting - 2023

Me and my “micropenis nipples” are busy! πŸ˜‚

Relatable? Via @arynlindsey on Instagram ☺️

Originally posted 2021-01-05 21:33:53.


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  1. Yay I am not alone. My husband just ordered me pump lube. Since they are “kinda like a penis, just less blood. Thought it might be more comfortable.” After I complained of sore nipples after the 5th pump of the day.

  2. I’d been thinking this for a while and feeling super weird about it (and honestly not wanting my husband to notice) when one day he looked over and made the exact same observation. Strangely, it made me laugh and feel less embarrassed about how they looked.

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