Making Noises During Labour And Childbirth

Making Noises During Labour And Childbirth

Hopefully, this doesn’t come as a surprise but labour and childbirth isn’t supposed to be silent?⁣

It’s totally normal to let out animalistic sounds, grunts and sometimes screams during contractions, and in many ways, it can be beneficial!

Moaning Sounds During Labour

Moaning is a common sound heard in labour, it might be the same sound you made as your baby was being conceived 😊 ⁣ Moaning actually helps to facilitate the birth of your baby. When you moan in deep tones it’ll help keep your jaw loose and relaxed which in turn relaxes your pelvic area.⁣

Consider it this way — the same sounds you made when your baby was made are the same ones you need to make to help the baby out! Deeper tones as opposed to high pitched tones, it will help keep your jaw loose and relaxed which correlates directly to loose and relaxed perineum.

Roaring Sounds During Labour

Roaring is a sound often heard during pushing. Labour nurses can often tell by sounds alone when it’s time to push!⁣

Labour Noises When Giving Birth
Sometimes When It Comes To Labour Noises During Birth – You Just Have To Let Things Out. And That’S Ok!

Screaming During Labour and Childbirth

Screaming Though movies would have you believe that all women giving birth scream, in reality, it’s not the most common noise. It can be, however, a sign that your not coping well with contractions or extremely afraid of something that’s happening or about to happen (inserting an IV, a cervical check, baby crowning). It helps to lock eyes with someone on the support team and be actively guided back to more regulated breathing.

Grunting During Labour

Grunting is often heard when the baby is lower in the pelvis and you are near the end of your labour. This sound usually indicates that mom is feeling the pressure with baby low on the perineum

Loud Rhythmic Breathing During Labour

Loud rhythmic breathing will help you control your breathing and relax your body during labour. When you’re able to control your breathing it works like meditation or ritual which is very helpful when trying to cope with contractions.

Singing During Labour and Childbirth

Singing can be a way to get into a ritual during contractions. You might start chanting/singing a certain mantra which in turn helps you cope with the pain! ⁣

Just remember, whatever sounds you make, it is likely helping you and is totally natural! Don’t be shy around doctors or nurses, they have heard it all (and worse)!

Allow yourself to let go and listen to your body. These sounds are most likely helping your labour progress.⁣

Did you make any sounds during labour?

Share your stories in our comments! ⁣

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  1. Love this post! I actually went completely mute. Like I couldn’t even be bothered to answer any questions.😂

  2. I kept thinking about how I sounded like a barge during contractions. Then I surprised myself by how loud I was while I was pushing.

  3. I am so glad I did somatic therapy, which included yelling and making all kinds of quiet and loud sounds – really letting go. Because -hopefully – I won’t be apologising or cringing! I am planning on singing the baby out 🙂

  4. I did lots of low moaning during labor. And I full on screamed my second girl out! My husband said the nurse winced and I’m pretty sure I scared every woman giving birth on the floor. 😂😂

  5. i actually had the OB that was in my delivery room telling me not to let out my yells and to keep them in to push. it was wayyyy worse holding in those yells. i didn’t listen to him very much ahaha.

  6. I was screaming. 😂 They all told me to try and make it lower to save my throat but the gas and pain I just let out whatever

  7. I remember my nurse saying Out loud to call the doc because I was grunting and 2 pushes later my son was born 🤪

  8. When I was pregnant I’d hum/moan during contractions and then nurse didn’t believe it when she said I was 7 cm bc I was coping “so well”. I hope i can help mamas cope that way too!

  9. It lasted 36 hours, I had time for all of them😂 jokes apart, I’m a singer and it helped me go through all the contractions. When pushing, I went silent, I was too overwhelmed by what was happening. Midwives said they had fun with me🤣

  10. I was like 🐻, 🐯 and 🦁 roaring all together. My throat was sore days after delivery. 😂 But it really helped me, it was so intuitive sound.

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