Low Impact Prenatal Workout: Legs &Amp; Booty (No Equipment!) - First Trimester Workouts Videos - 2023

LOW IMPACT Prenatal Workout: Legs & Booty (NO EQUIPMENT!)

Low impact NO EQUIPMENT prenatal workout at home for 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy! Challenging prenatal workout -Feel a serious burn as we tone your legs and sculpt your butt at the same time!


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  1. Thank you, Ashley! I feel better than I have with ANY pregnancy. I keep gaining but I know if I stick with the prenatal calendar, postpartum will be so much easier.

  2. I just wondered if you also had any saddlebags exercise for the bags behind the upper legs? I do the inner thighs daily now (5 days) plus others. I’m not pregnant or anything. I am back to walking 14 miles a week, eat healthy with occasional treat. Ex anorexic so lost four stone in short time but didn’t exercise so legs went flabby as I was overweight in teens. Took a while to re-learn eating so by forties ok healthy eating but whatever I do the legs are difficult. Started kettlebells start of lockdown. Have more straight legs than shapely but upper ok. British size 10. I’m doing calf exercise too. Oh I’m 52. I’m into good foods for me … Thank you Lesley (UK)

  3. Goodness, I made myself a little personal training programme with your videos and I do 45 min 3 or 4 times a week. I keep this video as my last exercice and it burns so bad! Definititely feeling it, I am 26 weeks pregnant right now, not sure how long I can keep up with this one but it's a great challenge! Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Holy cow! I had to take so many breaks, definitely challenging but felt great!! I started building in some of your workouts in my second trimester (I'm 29 weeks now), and I plan on following your 12 week post-natal program. Your workouts are awesome, and I feel like I have toned up so much even only working out with you the last few weeks. Thanks for sharing these workouts!

  5. I have to tell you: I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! I am a mediocrely active person, but definitely would consider myself to be strong and capable. I wanted to add some real workouts, toning and strengthening, to my cardio that I do regularly because I struggle with gaining weight during pregnancy and I also want to be strong for labor. All the other videos I have found are just too much. I can't finish out the videos or do the moves in good form, and they make me so sore for days and I can't function. Those workouts always make me feel like a failure and make me give up. I'm so thankful I found your videos. They are JUST RIGHT. I can always finish them with proper form, and I feel a good burn/soreness for about a day but never so much that I'm literally out of it. I'm getting stronger, managing my weight, and actually enjoying my workouts! Please keep making more. I love everything that you put out and it's made such a difference in my life!!!

  6. This was really HARD for me. But every time i try to start working out i do something once or twice and stop. I had to stop cause i am so out of shape, but i need to keep myself from gaining too much weight, and most of it has been in my thighs. Its gonna take me a while to be able to do all of it cause my legs really started to hurt after the first 2 exercises. Hopefully, i should be able to after the next couple of times. I am 27 wks 1 day today. Still have 12 wks 6 days to go!

  7. This is one of my favorites!!!! This gave me a incredible burn!!!! I love low impact and workouts like these because I feel it avoids bulkyness which is what I stuggle with Alot in my lower body!!! I'd love to see more workouts like this one ❤️

  8. Love your channel your are amazing 😘 I m your new subscriber 😊 you inspired me alot … love your exercises 😍😍Can I do your exercises ??I m 6 weeks pregnant but my husband don't allow me to do any exercise bcz he scared about the miscarriage but I always love love to do exercise I really wanted to do exercise bcz it keeps me strong and active and I don't have any health issue I m healthy but wanted to mentain my fitness bcz I don't like over weight women after baby birth plzzzzzz help me ans me 👍👍👍

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