Loving the ear imprints left on my arms after nursing ❤️

Loving The Ear Imprints Left On My Arms After Nursing ❤️ - Parenting - 2021

Loving the ear imprints left on my arms after nursing ❤️

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  1. I read this title as “losing the ear imprints after nursing” and I’m already big mood today, and reading that, thinking about how one day my 6m old won’t nurse anymore, and I’m full on bawling.

    But yea, that is very cute.

  2. I must be void of any maternal instinct because I noticeably cringed reading this. Almost 9 months pregnant and looking forward to a little space from my woommate. Pumping it is.

    ***No offense to the original poster. I think it’s really nice you feel this way! I’m just having a tough pregnancy and dealing with the realities of postpartum care.

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