Literally Every Time. (Artist Inna Sacali)

Literally every time. (Artist Inna Sacali)

Literally Every Time. (Artist Inna Sacali) - Parenting - 2024

Literally every time. (Artist Inna Sacali)

Originally posted 2021-01-01 02:15:16.


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  1. Ugh my newborn does this cutest thing when he sneezes and I can’t seem to ever get my phone out in time to catch it. Thankfully dad has witnessed it too so he knows I’m not crazy, but I desperately want a video to share and keep for memories.

  2. My daughter has always been like that even from the womb!!!

    She would be kicking me like CRAZY but the moment I got my phone to record… quiet.

    She was even like that when at the doctor checking on her movements. They would give me cold water to see if that helped. Nothing. I always had to stay 40 minutes extra and still nothing. They always told me “oh she must be asleep”… nope, that little bean knows what’s going on and she doesn’t like to be observed lol.

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