Let’s Talk Stretch Marks!

Did you know pregnancy stretch marks are genetic?
Pregnancy Stretch Marks
Did You Know Pregnancy Stretch Marks Are Genetic?

Let’s Talk Stretch Marks!
Who do they affect most?⁣⁠
Since stretch marks are genetic, they typically affect women MOST who have mothers or sisters with stretch marks. If you noticed you got some stretch marks while you were going through puberty, you’re also at a higher risk for having them during your pregnancy.⁣⁠
In addition, stretch marks also affect women of darker complexion more so than lighter complexion.⁣⁠
If you have any reason for your stomach to be getting larger, quicker, you’re also at a higher risk for development. This would include twin pregnancies, gestational diabetics, and women who carry more amniotic fluid.⁣⁠

Do stretch mark creams actually work?⁣⁠

That’s debatable..

Stretch mark creams are marketed to pregnant women as a means of prevention, skin hydration, and overall better skin elasticity. Once you develop stretch marks, however, there is no complete cure. Your stretch marks will unfortunately never go away completely, but you may be able to have treatments or apply creams in hopes that they change their colour to white!⁣⁠
The only REAL ingredient that may have some benefit in preventing stretch marks is Retinoids (Vitamin A), but it is unsafe in pregnancy because it has been linked to birth defects. (It’s mainly the oral use of Retinoids that’s been linked to birth defects, but the general consensus is to avoid topical use as well) ⁣⁠
You may, however, apply a vitamin A-based cream on your stretch marks once you deliver your bub (even if you’re breastfeeding)!⁣⁠
Stretch mark creams still have plenty of benefit to your growing bump, even if they don’t truly help prevent your stretch marks from forming. It’s ALWAYS a good idea to keep your skin nice and hydrated as it’s being stretched, and all stretch mark creams are extremely moisturizing. (It’s even more important to drink lots of water as your bump grows!)⁣⁠
They also smell nice, but not overly perfumed like many moisturizing creams that are marketed to the general population. :)⁣⁠
Personally, I got a few but not a ton of stretch marks. What about you?

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  1. My daughter used stretch mark removal serum during pregnancy to avoid stretch marks and it worked I tried it about a year ago and I love it too. I had a surgery scar on that nothing seemed to work. Dermalmd worked so good. I have scar and stretch mark clear skin.

  2. I didn’t get not even one stretch mark, but my mom’s belly it is full of it after 2 pregnancies. I don’t think it’s genetic

  3. Ive had them on my thighs since i was 10 😂however I’ve had two ppl pregnancys and have yet to see belly ones.. its weird

  4. I gained 20kg, 17kg and 30kg and I have no stretch marks on my belly. But I have them on my breasts and buttock and they are light.

  5. My singleton pregnancy I developed just a few white ones on my legs with my twin pregnancy that I just delivered a few weeks ago I was huge and gained more weight and developed No stretch marks! I’m 5’2 pre-pregnancy weight 133lbs

  6. Yep I got stretch marks growing up. My mum has lots of stretch marks so wasn’t a surprise when I ended up with them too during my pregnancies. My dad’s side of the family don’t tend to get stretch marks though.

  7. I gained 2 pounds less than reccomended, had a small bump, and religiously lotioned with what my sister (with no stretch marks) used. I have HUNDREDS of stretch marks on my belly. Took several months to stop hating them so much lol. I never wore belly shirts to begin with but it was hard to recognize my new skin in the mirror ya know? In the end it kinda sucks but it’s not the end of the world, they usually fade, and you get used to them. A million times worth it for my baby.

  8. I am COVERED in stretch marks from puberty and weight gain in college—all over my hips, thighs and butt. My one wish going into pregnancy was for the stretch marks to just spare my belly—they could have whatever was left of my hips/thighs/butt. I applied aloe vera, coconut oil, and Shea butter every night and kept up (for the most part) on my water intake. I also didn’t get very big (people couldn’t really tell I was pregnant until I was like 34 weeks). And I ESCAPED this pregnancy with not a SINGLE stretch mark on my belly!! (They really took advantage of the “everywhere else” compromise, though, lol.)

  9. I have only gained 15 lbs and am 25 weeks… I have very pale skin and I have stretch marks on the front of my stomach 🤷🏻‍♀️

  10. It’s so weird but my mom and I both only have one little area of stretch marks in the same exact spot right above our belly buttons.

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