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  1. I still do the laundry but i have about 5 hampers of clean laundry that I hide in my closet…

  2. 7 month twins. My mom comes to help. And ‘help’. She is very bothered by the laundry. I’m like… I don’t know why. It lived in the baskets before I got pregnant too. If it bothers you, do it yourself (she did a couple times right after my c-section only) or ask my hubs to do it. Its his laundry too.

    I’m keeping up on baby laundry – that’s good enough for me.

  3. Ha! Jokes on you, dreams are for those who gets time to sleep!

    *chuging wine aggressively

  4. And what is up with their little masks always being wet?! I’m constantly washing my son’s masks because they are always disgusting wet after he uses it.

    I just recently found out that kids chew, suck on, or use their tongues to move their masks under their noses. Still super gross but I guess that’s better than snot, which I previously thought it was from… 🤢

  5. I work two jobs. One very demanding full time 12 hour shift ambulance and another part time teaching online classes. My husband also works on the ambulance. We have extra laundry from changing work clothes during shift due to covid and LO has been eating solids since 5 months so clothes upon clothes. There is never hope to be even close to on top of it. I already come home exhausted and do 1-2 hours of housework after every shift :/ and I’m still pumping every 4hours. So right now I absolutely hate life!

  6. Or…

    3. You actually do laundry seemingly 24/7 and it’s because you actually died and are now serving an infinite term in purgatory.

    4. You are on top of it because your name is Sisyphus and laundry is your boulder.

  7. Oddly the best thing for my washing was switching to cloth nappies. Cant just leave them like my clothes and I gotta bulk the machine so they’re clean. I’ve never been more on top of my basket in my life 😂

    It’s not for everyone but it’s definitely helped us get in control of our washing!

  8. Are we the only ones who secretly can’t wait for them to be at the age where they can do their laundry themselves?

  9. Wash and fold! It’s a little luxury I treat myself to whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed by it all. Still do baby clothes, sheets, and towels by myself. By big kid clothes and adult clothes? I will gladly pay to let someone else do them!

  10. Both kids in a half day of daycare yesterday. I actually cleaned the laundry for the first time in years. Years. Usually i just swept stuff off counters, never cared about the floor. Laundry is this little old hobble of a room that doesnt function so i never cared. But made the effort. And now its a cleaner small hobble that i still hate and want to take a sledge hammer too.

    I wont even start on how long ot took for my partner to put a shelf up.

  11. I only have one kid, but I actually stay on top of it pretty easily. Here’s how:

    1. Throw my clean clothes on the bed so I can use the basket to pick up dirty clothes.
    2. Tell myself I will put the clean clothes away “before bed”.
    3. Don’t.
    4. Lay on top of clothes because I’m exhausted.

    There, stayed on top. Sometimes I can help my child stay on top of them too by picking her up and putting her in the basket. She enjoys this.

  12. Im the eldest in a house of 4 kids and I can back this up… IT. NEVER. ENDS. 😭

  13. Finally got my 3 y/o to help me at least sort, then he watches his tablet and/or jumps around the bed while I fold.

    Foster that “helping” instinct early if they have it!

  14. If everyone has something to wear today, then that counts as being on top of it in my opinion. I don’t shoot for 100% completion.

  15. I can’t even stay on top of it with 1 kid so we basically just make sure each of us has enough clothes to last 2 weeks on a rotating schedule lol (1 week clean, 1 week dirty)