Labor looks so different for every woman! What position did you find yourself getting the most relief?

Labor Looks So Different For Every Woman! What Position Did You Find Yourself Getting The Most Relief? - Pregnancy - 2022

Labor looks so different for every woman! What position did you find yourself getting the most relief? I switched between walking the halls and bending/squatting over. 🤰🏼👇🏼

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  1. Walking really helped me stay distracted! Having music on, not a position, but gave me something to focus on. Just leaning on my husbands chest helped too

  2. I labored mostly at home. My mom was an ob nurse for 30 years so she came and helped me. I was on my knees in the floor with my chest in a pillow. And she would put pressure on my lower back where it hurt so bad. I had horrible back labor

  3. Laying in bed and breathing it all out. Squished my boyfriend’s Hand at every contraction and that’s it. Needed no painkillers or anything, it didn’t hurt that bad. It took me 6 hours in hospital, overall I had contractions for about 8 hours until my first Baby was born

  4. I had an epidural with my 1st. I want to try to have an unmedicated labor and delivery but I’m scared of the ring of fire

  5. Standing up and bending over this table.. and just trying to relax.. i almost gave up last mim but i did it no epidural and a big baby 😍

  6. Laying in the bed enjoying my epidural. I went from 3cm to pushing in a matter of 5 hours so the epidural was my best friend. I didnt feel a thing the whole time after I got it. I knew enough when to push but no pain whatsoever. And thank god for that because not only did I end up with an episiotomy, but I ripped naturally a different way as well. Only thing I felt was after the drug wore off and I felt like I was hit by a bus down there 🤣

  7. My epidural wore off when I was 9cm. The contractions where continuous with no pause, I had no strength at all couldn’t even turn my body & my son was distressed so they had to give me a stronger anaesthetic & pull him out 😫

  8. Getting out of bed was just about impossible. I had an IV on my right side and the blood pressure cuff and fetal monitor on the left. I wasn’t allowed to remove any of them because of complications I was having. I only got unhooked to go to the bathroom 3 times in a 24 hour labor.

  9. Sitting on the bed with one leg crossed and the other hanging down onto the floor! You can roll your pelvis through contractions or bounce your leg

  10. Any tips for someone who’s love language is touch but doesn’t have a partner to physically support them through labour? The picture you used for this post is making my heart ache. Maybe I should bring my pregnancy pillow? Haha.

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