Just Because She Carries It Well Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Heavy!

Just Because She Carries It Well Doesn't Mean It's Not Heavy!

Just Because She Carries It Well Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Heavy! ❀️

I have been sitting here trying to find the words to pair with this image…. writing them out…. rewriting them.

Deleting whole pages and starting over. All that remains is the lump in my throat. This image was inspired by my life as a woman and a young single mother. I do not want to break down every detail for you. You can find the story, whatever it means to you. I wrote Ward Churchill to ask if I could use the spine of his book, Agents of Repression, in the image to help tell the story.

He agreed and only asked that I send him a digital copy when it was complete. I did, and this was his response, β€˜Absolutely beautiful image. Many thanks for sending. Love & Rage, Ward.’⁣

Love and rage, love and rage, love and rage….. Those words brought tears to my eyes and sent chills down my spine…. Like poetry for my soul. I thought to myself, he gets it. That was all I needed in that moment. A quiet nod of understanding.

That being said, my soul does not feel quiet. It is on fire, and so full of life. It wants to tell stories and change the world one photo at a time. So, here I am, and I am just getting started. This is a single image capture, not a composite. I hung everything from the ceiling and wired it all in place.

Images and Words ” @noellemirabellaphotography⁣ ❀️❀️

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  1. πŸ’–Odhoď batoh πŸ‘… ten nejvΔ›tΕ‘Γ­ poklad mΓ‘Ε‘ v nΓ‘ruči πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

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